ViaSat Modem Blinking White

I got a service tech maybe coming Tuesday of this next week, But trying to maybe resolve issue sooner, Issue is on the 15th of this month my internet was acting wonky, So I did a reset on both my main modem and the aria router, After doing so, My main modem has tried to connect, And is now stuck in a endless blinking white light, Have checked the main coax at both the dish and outside wall along with the inside and no damage, Have reset both modems again and even tried to change their outlets.

Customer care reps were hard to understand and not very helpful, So asking prior to it going down, Was it showing any reliable information so I can understand why it is currently not working as intended?

Anyone look into this for me?

Hi, @Mannyrue,

Sorry for the slow reply. I’m checking that now, once I have some feedback I’ll let you know.


It does seem that your terminal is not working. The endless blinking white light means it’s trying to connect to the network (but can’t do it).

I’ll contact the field team and try to expedite the visit. Sorry for not being able to help further at this moment.

I’ll let you know if I get any feedback from them.

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Thank you, I can’t be down long with out internet, I have Elderly Parents whom live with me, And I need the internet working for phone service, Last I knew I had a tech suppose to come out this Tuesday, But I never got a email stating anything, I told them to contact me via email since I don’t have access to a phone at this time, And is still hard for me to grab any signal to read emails.

Had you heard back from the field team?

Hi @Mannyrue

The request to expedite your tech visit has been created, but we haven’t heard back from the team yet.

We’ll let you know as soon as we have any updates! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for reaching back out, Need it back working ASAP, As stated I live in a very rural area, And I need my phone service for my Elderly parents, It’s our only life line here since I can not connect to any Cell service.

And please note to the Tech, No need to confirm when to show up, They can do so at anytime since I am always around my home and am avaliable at any time!

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Update:The Aria modem extension we have, I just heard it make a pop sound with sparks, It is now unplugged, Requesting also a note for the tech to replace that equipment… 0.x

Want them to upgrade to newest and safest equipment

Hi @Mannyrue

I am so sorry, please be careful not to touch it with your bare hands, it may have overheated intensely :frowning:

The Field team will probably have to replace the modem and the ARIA due to this white light issue in any case, but we’ll let them know what’s going on with the ARIA too.

Also placed a call to inform them, But the rep I spoke to I don’t think she fully understood and wanted to cancel my upcoming Apt on Tuesday, Which I advised her not to do so, Explained that I was trying to get help from you all here to see about a sooner Date as possible, Can you please do when you have a moment Ensure me she did not cancel my Apt for this coming week?

Hi @Mannyrue

I checked your work order and it’s still set up for Tuesday, Jan 23rd, at mid-day.

The agent seems to have added a similar note about just going to the house without calling first, so rest assured that the technician receiving the order will be able to see that comment right away. :slight_smile:

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Anyway could try to Config my modem remotely to unbridge it from the aria now since it is off and see if maybe it would click back on and work?Still got my Tech visit for tomorrow, But would be nice if I could get it back to maybe working sooner if possible :slight_smile:

Hi @Mannyrue

The blinking white light almost always means the modem needs a replacement, so the ARIA itself isn’t the cause of the issue.

But now that you’ve turned it off, I’ve put the modem out of bridge mode – this will cause it to reboot and in about 15-20 minutes it will try to reconnect.

If you notice that the light changes after this recent reboot, let us know :slight_smile:

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No change, But did send you a pm!

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Thanks for all the help, Will wait for my visit tomorrow with the tech that is coming out,And after they fix the issue I will report back here :slight_smile:

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Hi @Mannyrue

You’re welcome!
I’m keeping an eye on your tech visit, so if I have any related updates afterwards I’ll let you know, too :wink:

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-Sighs- Looks like might be dropping this service and getting starlink since no one seems to take notes correctly, I am going Unheard and ignored, And now to top the cake a no show from a tech as of today, I really do not care about losing my net connection, I do care it had to be tied with my phone service, Since I am in dire need of that for personal issues with my parents health, And I just keep getting a run around, Just spoke to a customer care rep and they said I can not even make a tech visit since I can not confirm it, I don’t have access on my daily life of Cell or internet, Like being stuck in a rock and a hard place,without service like this I am shut off fropm the rest of the world and no one cares >_>

May someone please PM me with my Modems BeamKey?!