Tech appointment, worked when tech replaced gateway then stopped working after

Hi there

Had a tech appointment a bit early since it is currently heavy rain and when the rain got heavy the viasat modem went to pulsing white. I rebooted the modem since we had a tech out for the same issue previously and not sure. Also we were promised credits by the customer service rep but have not heard back on that either

Currently modem is still pusling white not sure if it is due to rain or cloud cover. Old modem was giving ODU not connected errors the current one I am not sure.

The modem was working when the technician left so it has to be something else maybe weather?


Hi @bv1717,

I see that you called support and that they added a note on the service call order that says you are available on March 8 OR March 11. Based on this you can expect a call from our field operations team to confirm the new time.

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Thanks I hope they do call since I had to call back in to confirm an appointment as customer service didn’t respond

It seems like there’s only one technician for my area due to appointments being fully booked

As an edit I specified only March 8th for availability

And if possible what were the modem stats that made it drop offline. Interested to know since we have been having some heavy rain recently and the modem says ODU not connected there are no support articles that state why a modem would give an ODU not connected and won’t connect to MiTe

I submitted an extra escalation to our field ops team, I hope they can get to it this afternoon so that you get confirmation soon.

About the “odu not connected” message: It might be worth it to check that the cabling is secured properly. Attached is a document with troubleshooting tips for cabling. Please don’t attempt to reach your antenna or cables if they are on hard-to-reach/dangerous locations (such as a roof).

AL-JH Cable & Connector Doc2.pdf (1.4 MB)

Hi there

Tech changed out the equipment and TRIA. All seems to be good on the hardware side but not sure why the speeds are slower than expected.


Hi @bv1717 ,

I wanted to check in and see how your experience has been since the last interaction.

I’ve noticed that the speeds from your modem are looking good. Have you been able to achieve improved speeds from your devices as well?