ViaSat Modem Blinking White

Hi @Mannyrue

I apologize for this whole situation. The escalation of the service call yesterday has gotten a reply but they are waiting for the technicians in the area to open up a timeslot.

Do you mean the install key for the self-repoint process?

I’ve sent you a reply with the install key for the antenna on our last private message thread.

Hi again @Mannyrue

The technician has you scheduled for 01/25/2024 Mid-day EST.

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I sure do hope so, Cause if they no show again I will drop Viasat and self install starlink at my home!

They do understand no need to confirm to just show up correct?

Hi @Mannyrue

The Field team is aware but I’ve left another note so the technician himself can see it when he’s en route. The visit will be between 12 to 4 PM, so a while before that I’ll leave another note just to make sure no new Field communications will overlap with it.

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Thank you for the help on this!

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Sent a pm to you, But tech has yet to arrive!!!

Okay tech completed visit, And am back up and running, No equipment changed, He left the shorted out Aria modem.

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Hi again @Mannyrue

Good to hear that!

I see that you’re currently past the high-speed data cap, so the results still aren’t up to your plan’s max (even though they are good speeds).

However, your data resets tomorrow – when that happens, can you run a few tests with the Viasat browser so we can confirm that everything’s normalized?

PS: I’ve reactivated your Data Saver Feature at the speed of 5.0 Mbps :wink:

Thank you,


Hi again @Mannyrue

Your high-speed data resets on February 29th.

Could you run a few speed checks for us when that happens, to verify if your new setup is working as intended? :smiley:

Thank you!

Ran some yesterday when it got refreshed and seems to be working

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Hi @Mannyrue

Thanks for the tests! They all look very good for your plan Choice 25 Mbps. :tada:

On a side note though, your device speed is much slower than your modem speed.

Did you run all these tests from the same spot? :thinking:

Yep, My cell phone, Same room give or take about same spot each time.

Hi @Mannyrue

Ok, thanks for the info.

Are you using the Wi-Fi from the Viasat modem or an external router?

I can see that the SSID is not recognized by the tests, that usually happens when an extra router is in place.


Viasat modem, No router hooked up!

Hi @Mannyrue

Strange :thinking:

Are you using any form of VPN?

Nope, Don’t use vpns!

Understood. I’ll ask the SpeedCheck team to investigate your recent test results.

For the moment at least we have seen good speeds on them :sweat_smile:
But the hidden SSID is still strange.

Is your Wi-Fi set to Private?

Got guest option in settings shut down and got wireless user filter enabled… Thats the only two options that would hide and yet people around me can see my wifi network