Speed so slow can't even watch tv

Speed test results, on phone, d/l- 3.44mpbs. upload 5.03mpbs on modem d/l 14.35mpbs upload 5.58mpbs. is that even close to the speed I should be getting for paying twice the amount for service I asked for. $100 a month to watch half of a movie from it stopping to stream then jumps ahead to catch. YOUR SERVICE IS PURE D CRAP. AND CUSTOMER SERVICE, TO CLARIFY, THE PEOPLE THAT SIGN YOU UP ARE LIARS AND MISREPRESENTED WHAT I WAS GOING TO GET THEN ARE CHARGING ME DOUBLE FOR IT. IF YOJ COULDN’T GIVE ME WHAT I WANTED, WHY DID YOU SIGN ME UP THEN BILL FOR DOUBLE WHAT I SAID I COULD AFFORD. YOU PEOPLE HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO LIVE ON A FIXED INCOME AND NOT ABLE TO WORK. BEST FIX FOR THIS IS GO AHEAD AND SEND ME ONE OF THOSE RETURN BOXES.AND I’LL BE A HAPPY NON - .CUSTOMER. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR SO LITTLE ENJOYMENT. And also my high speed disappeared in under 2 weeks one month and in 10 the next month. I can go back to watching tv on my phone with screen sent to bid screen for the $21.49 a month. I won’t mind the interfering calls and text to save that $100 sent to viasat.

Hi, @gear_jammer76,

Thanks for your message.

There are two problems we need to check: bad speeds and unexpected usage.

For the bad speeds

It’s important to follow those instructions so we can get all the information we need. Basically, you’ll need to use the Viasat browser, go to Viasat speed check page, log in with your My Viasat account, and then run the test

For the unexpected data usage

We can check and provide you with the usage details (for the current and the previous billing cycle). That way you can tell us if there is anything you do not recognize. However, we need your consent to do that, is that ok for you?

If you give us your consent, I’ll create a new topic to keep track of this issue (and I’ll leave this topic just for the speed problem).

Hi, @gear_jammer76,

I also added 30GB of extra data for you (free of charge), so we can better troubleshoot the issues.

You’ll receive an email about it, but as I said I also added the credit for that data.

Hi @gear_jammer76,

I noticed you posted this a few days ago in a different topic:

Since the main issue appears to be the cost of the plan, I would recommend calling our customer support line at 855-463-9333. If there are any plan options to downgrade they will be able to help you.

If any other concerns come up, we are happy to help.