Slow internet speeds

I continue to have SLOW SPEEDS. I call tech support they do their usual reboot and the speeds are fast for maybe a day, and then it starts all over again. I pay for the highest plan and this is the service I get. So disappointed. Viasat has the customer caught, because this is the only option for internet service. We are speeding too much money to have an upload of 3mps ridiculous. I can’t even barely work.

@WeaveSL very sorry to hear about your bad experience.

I just ran a speedtest from your modem and saw this speed:

Which is pretty great. What are you seeing? Can you send the result of We can then troubleshoot from there.

Also, I noticed that you have Video Data Extender enabled and yet you are not consuming much data. I would strongly recommend disabling it – Should I enable Video Data Extender?. If you want, we can do this for you.

Here is my speed test — nothing compared to what viasat techs are getting. I turned off my extender and still upload speeds are super slow.

It shouldn’t matter what web browser I am using. I have to use a secure and dedicated line.

Hi @WeaveSL,

Thank you for posting that screenshot! That is your speed from your device, and it would be helpful for us to see the speed from your modem as well. This will help us compare the two speeds, like in this example below:

In order to do that, please run a speed check using through the Viasat Browser while logged in with your My Viasat credentials and send us a screenshot? (You can find more instructions here: How to run a speed test from my modem?). This will help us diagnose your problem.


Here is the speed from Viasat — still way too slow. I am paying a lot of money for internet.

Please call me at (XXX) XXX-XXXX — to help resolve this is causing me a lot of problems all the time.

Thank you

Hi WeaveSL,

Those speeds are very good. Can you tell us what applications feel slow or what other problem you have beyond “speeds”? For instance, are you having problems with web browsing, or Zoom calls, or streaming videos?

Our group works technical issues over the forum and email and only uses the phone when absolutely necessary - because it means we lose the step-by-step documentation of the troubleshooting process. If you can bear with us, we will respond very quickly over the forum. Also, we don’t recommend posting personally identifiable information like a phone number on a public forum like this. Do you want to edit your post and remove the phone number?



The ping is extremely high (10x) that it should be. I just increased my internet speed and nothing has changed.

I may need a new modem—something is definitely wrong.

As I mentioned in my email please call me to discuss further — going back and forth in email is frustrating.

I can be reached at XXX-XXX-XXXX.

Thank you very much.

Lisa W

Don’t know how to edit my post to remove my phone number.

Hi Lisa,

I called and left you a voice mail saying:

  • The download speed (174 Mbps), upload speed (5 Mbps), and round trip time (601 ms) in your most recent test are about as good as geostationary Internet gets. See How does geostationary satellite internet work?
  • For this reason, we are struggling to know what to troubleshoot. Could you tell us what application feels slow? What are you unable to do that you would like to? Perhaps then we can help.
  • You are likely not the only subscriber having the problems you are having so please continue on the forum if you are able to.



I made them XXX-XXX-XXXX.

I work from home and use a web based program. I also use Outlook, Google and Windows Internet. I try to limit the number of windows I have home.

If Viasat had fiber optic capabilities then the PING would be much lower according to our IT dept.

How do I know where if the satellite dish doesn’t need to be taller and readjusted on my property?

I am having a hard time wrapping my mind around why a Ping can not be reset. I cure t have over 600 and it takes a web page too long to save or open a different window. I am using a web based program for work. I have the highest package through viasat—very expensive and I am getting horrible internet connectivity.

Thank you for the call back, I appreciate it. In talking with the IT dept at work, they said the ping of over 600 is really too high it needs to be around 20 ms.

From your email, I understand there is nothing viasat can do. It might as well go back to the lower end plan.

I am about 25 feet from my modem, and on the same level, I am hardwired from CPU to modem, I keep only windows that are a necessity open, I use VON occasionally but then my internet comes to a complete halt. I cannot do presentations as it takes to long for the screen to load on the other end.

I have a relative who works at viasat and all I keep hearing is they are working on installing fiber. I have not seen anyone in the area for years. I have received notification that this is even on the table, but somewhere/ somehow employees at Viasat know there is fiber coming.

Are you also connecting via VPN? Also, which of the above applications are slow? For instance, Outlook should be relatively insensitive to the high latency of our geostationary satellite.

I search for internet providers to help my girlfriend get better service in remote Missouri. The advertising for Viasat sounded good. However, like the OP of this thread, she experiences pings of over 600ms. This makes pages w/ many pictures impossible to load (many pings; one for each pic). It makes general browsing a chore. Streaming works once all of the choices have been made. But each choice incurs a lag. She can’t stand using Viasat and usually uses her current dialup DSL that I was trying to get her switched off of. That has 10X less download and upload but still functions better because the ping is 10X better (lower than Viasat).

Viasat had no mention of the terrible ping in any of its advertising. It was impossible to find this statistic in any of their literature. I find it somewhat dishonest when coupled with their rule that locks you in for 24 months if you don’t cancel by 24 hours. How are you supposed to know how the service works unless you try it out through all of the days of the week and try it out after your high speed runs out and you are kicked to standard data? If the company had a good product and they were confident in it then they would stand by it and give you the ability to cancel anytime (or at least give you a month to see how it works for your particular location).

It seems like their satellites are just further out than something like StarLink and the ping is really unbearable. Shame on this company for locking folks in knowing this fact and not being forthright and open about this aspect of their product. If they keep up with this dishonesty, likely time will tell with a class action lawsuit. But it may take 10 years for it to happen. But I believe crooks like the top brass of this company are found out in the long run. I just feel for the individuals working for the company like those that have to try to respond to these complaints and find any reasonable excuse to preserve the reputation and keep the money coming in while mollifying dissatisfied customers with redirection and obfuscation tactics. Shame on Viasat!


Public note to admins, we are keeping track of @Josh_Stuart’s issue in this thread: Ping causing internet issues