Speeds so slow its like its not connecting to anything

It seems like im not the only one getting bad speeds, if any at all.
I did a viasat speed test today and it said 0.2mbps download speed. Id say that was bad considering i pay over $200 a month. Ive had trouble using my phone to be on here. Took so long to connect. So frustrating. I know im on standard “no speed at all” and its hopeless.
Ive asked support about this problem so often im getting sick of being told “well you’ve used all your high speed data”
As i keep saying to support, "it should not mean that for 2 weeks out of a month, i can barely use the internet at all, the contract says the speed may be reduced not stopped.
I stream a lot because i cant do anything or go anywhere often due to having COPD. Using the internet is all i can basically do. Of course i live with my daughter who also uses it, she works 3 days a week from home but the internet isnt good enough to use her computer. Ugh so disappointing.:disappointed:

Exactly what I came on here to say. So frustrating to pay over $150 & it be so slow :weary:

Hi, @barbiepteasley,

Thanks for your message. I’m checking that now.

I see two problems: speeds and excessive usage, right?


Please run a speed test from your modem, as described here: How to run a speed test from my modem? - Slow Speeds - Viasat Support Forum

Basically, you’ll need to use the Viasat browser, go to the Viasat speed check page, log in with your My Viasat account, and then run the test. You can send us a screenshot of the result.

Excessive usage

We can check and provide you with all the information about your usage (and advise you on how to save data), but first we need your consent. Can we proceed with that?

We can continue the conversation about the speed issue on this topic, and I’ll create a new one for handling the usage problem, ok?

Hi, @melindarecob,

Thanks for your message. I’ll create a new topic for you, ok? It’s better for keeping track of the posts.

We can continue the conversation here: Slow speeds - help needed