Slow speed cant connect

I was told i wouldn’t have any problems with my service because i work from home. Since day 1 i haven’t been able to work because of slow speeds. I have contacted customer service and they have ran speed test and everything . I am still not able to work because of this issue. What next? Im i. A bind here.

Hi @Stacyslynn,

I noticed you are out of priority data. Did you have speed problems prior to running out of “high-speed” data? If so, I would like to propose debugging that first and then moving on to the question of what is consuming all your data and can you do anything about it. Does that make sense?

If so, I’m going to request some credit high-speed GBs be added to your account. And then we will run a remote speedtest and see what we see on your end. We should be able to get this done this morning and let you know what we are seeing.



I have had issues since day one of service with my speed.

Ok we will go ahead with the troubleshooting plan I proposed:

  1. Credit you some GBs of priority data
  2. Run a remote speed test

That’s a good starting point to root cause the slow speed issue you are experiencing. Hope to get back to you on the above this morning.

Like i said before i havent been able to work at all since i got service. I was told i would be able to with minimal issues. When i run test isp jumps around the world.

Hi @Stacyslynn ,

I’ve added 20GB of extra data for you so that we can properly troubleshoot your issue. You will see this data on your next bill, but please rest assured as we’ve also credited you with the same value so you will not be charged for this extra data at all.

On that note, we’ve run tests on your modem’s speed and the results are great, which is not consistent with the experience you are having with your network, and we will investigate to figure out why.


Could you kindly share with us a picture or screenshot of your speed test? Here’s an article on how to run an advanced speed test: How to run a speed test from my modem?


Hi @Stacyslynn , like Leo mentioned above, it would be useful to see your full diagnostics results from Speed Check, this would allow us to compare the “Speeds from your device” to the “Speeds from your modem” in one single test. See an example below:


Hi @Stacyslynn thanks for sending those. Could you please try again? We are trying to run one that also shows the “Speed from the modem”, it’s weird that that one wasn’t triggered.

In Android it should look something like this example below:

Thanks for your help and patience

I did not ask for extta data so i should not be charged for it.

Hi @Stacyslynn,

You will not be charged for the extra data - we credited your account $14.99 so the data will be free for you:
Screen Shot 2023-03-20 at 11.13.08 AM


The speedtest you ran that looked like this clearly shows there is a problem. When we run a test from your modem, we get excellent speeds. So there must be some kind of disconnect. I think there are two ways to proceed:

  1. Run and share results from How to run a speed test from my modem?
  2. Get the app that allows you to test the speed of your Wifi called “Cloud Check” – This app includes a separate measurement of your Wifi speed, which I think will show a problem. It looks like this:


Hope this helps.

I will try it and see what I get. Thank-you

Hey @Stacyslynn ,

Any updates on the issue? have your slow speeds been resolved? If they haven’t, did you manage to do the tests we requested, and could you share the results, please?

The issue was not resolved . As for the test i ran the test sent results and still the same. I have 1 week left before i lose my job because of this issue.

Hi @Stacyslynn ,

Can you please share your test results with us? We’ll use the information they contain to understand what might be going wrong with your connection and continue investigating.


I’m just totally unpleased with Viasat. When I called, I told whoever answered, of y’all had a plan for internet for $50 a month. For then on the woman spoke so fast and unclear, half the time I didn’t understand what was said. And since I’ve got connected, with what seems to be the worst internet I’ve ever had. Monthly billing is not what I said I could to pay. I received $988 a month. And after bills there’s never much over. I would like a copy of my contract from when I called and got stuck with this Internet service. We resolve this right or I’ll have someone resolve for me. Thanks in advance for what I asked for. Then we’ll see what needs to be done. After 2 surgery’s in the past month, I don’t see myself to be here too much longer. The speed is not the issue, it’s the cost that’s out my budget. If you don’t have a plan for $50 a month, then you people should have never hooked me up.

Here is what I think are the results of the two speed test. No sense in me having to do all this crap because y’all’s service sucks so bad and charging so much for it.

Public note for admins - I replied to @gear_jammer76 in this other topic they created a few weeks ago: Speed so slow can't even watch tv