Slow speeds again

once again it is 530pm and my internet has been throttled down. I rebooted twice. It seems like every time my bill becomes due the day before it gets slowed down and then again it does it for a few days after my internet rolls over. I am really getting frustrated with Viasat and would completely quit this company if I didnt live in a rutal area and its the best for working at home but just barely. I pay a fortune eveyone month for this internet and I am sick and tired of slow speeds when I need it for work. :rage:

Hello @heidicoggins2,

We’re sorry for the frustrating situation.

For now, we’ve tried applying a temporary fix while we keep searching for the cause. Could you let me know if you noticed an improvement?

We’d also like to request some information to assist us in the investigation:

  1. how’s your experience during the 5:30 PM hours on other days, especially those not close to your bill’s due date?

  2. On this post we’ve requested a speed test using our tool, would you be able to generate one? Here’s another article on this forum with instructions on how to run this test.

  3. At what times during the day do you have a good experience with Viasat internet, on days where you notice this issue?


@heidicoggins2 can you check today at 530 pm and see if you notice any improvement?

Yeah it has been horrible today actually. Been having to reboot several times.

All day? Can you run a Speedtest and send the results? Ideally, https://speedcheck.viasat.Com but any will do.


Can you send us speed test results? I am currently seeing 20 Mbps down and 5 Mbps upload speed. What are you seeing?

Also, I noticed the Video Data Extender is enabled. Is that intentional Should I enable Video Data Extender?? Let me know if you want me to disable it for you.

I ran again from the modem and just got 30 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload! How far away from your Wifi router are you when you run the test that gave you the slow 5 Mbps download result shown above?

Are you able to follow these instructions How to run a speed test from my modem? that Leo sent? If so, we will get a speedtest from your device and a speedtest from the modem at the same time. This will immediately tell us if there is any sort of Wifi issue.

My modem is right next to my computer on my desk. I use this for work…I also rebooted after I go the slow speeds…

Ok this is definitely interesting. Are you able to follow these steps?

That will give us results like this:

I just finished resetting my router three times in a row and the download speed is at 2.5 mpbs
…it went out at 5 pm again. I am getting tired of this crap. There is nothing blocking the signal no storms causing the issue. I am tired of being throttled at 5 pm every day. I need this service for work and I am about ready to find something else cheaper. Just wait in a few more weeks I am switching to FIBER and then Viasat you can shove your service.

Hi @heidicoggins2 ,

We understand your frustration, but there is little we can do without seeing test results like the one Peter sent above. We are doing our best to root-cause the issue. Thanks for your patience.

I am unable to download the browser as it is a company computer and I can’t download unapproved apps.

Ok as an alternative – can you install this app on your phone? ‎Cloudcheck on the App Store

It allows you to separately test your Wifi:

Can you run this speedtest from this app and share the results here?

Also, my speed is fine most of the time until 5 pm rolls around and then it is like I am downgraded on my priority and that is crap. It’s an everyday issue at the same time most days and.

And how long does the bad speed last after 5 pm? We will run tests today at that time to see if we can reproduce it remotely.