Extremely slow speeds - Same problem 3rd time

This is the third time I’ve reported this problem. The speeds during the week (M-Th) are very good. On Friday afternoon through Sunday night the speeds are pathetic. I’ve heard back from Nacho, Leonardo, Cat and Peter. All have said the same thing. “We need to figure out why this is happening.” Three weeks later and all I get are initial emails asking me for test results and then nothing ever happens.

This is the last time I will contact you about this problem. If you don’t figure pout why this happens and how to prevent it I’ll just be calling to cancel my service with Viasat.

You can’t expect customers to keep contacting you about the same problem week after week after week.

I’m looking forward to hearing what the next support person has to say. It can’t be worse than the previous 4.

@tnag78 Yours is an unusual one that has us almost out of ideas – but not quite! Hope you can give us til monday and we’ll see if we can find a way forward to figuring this out. Very sorry for you ongoing bad experience.


Hi, @tnag78,

The fact that the slow speeds are constantly happening only on certain days is strange. Let’s try to investigate further on that.

Do you give us permission to check your usage? It might help us check if there are any unknown processes consuming your internet.

Also, could you try running some speed tests this weekend? Try to take some screenshots of the “usage during test” chart:

@tnag78 since the “slow weekend” issue started when you switched to the new 300 GB plan, I wonder if you would be willing to temporarily switch back just as a test? We would be sure to credit you with enough GBs so you would not lose the benefit of the higher data plans in the meantime. I’m not even sure we can do this but it is one idea on how we can make progress in figuring out the root cause. Would you be willing if we are able to make this happen?