Longterm Slow speeds

So it’s becoming consistant with the crazy slow speeds. I am paying for 150 dl but only getting 20 or less all day today and numerous times this past week. WTH is going on?They said that tech was working on it last week but it’s still not right! BTW why should anyone go to a forum to report this. We should be able to chat with tech on the home page.

Hi, @cclendenny,

Thanks for your message, and sorry for the bad experience!

I’m checking that now. Once I have more information I let you know.

Hi, @cclendenny,

I’ll need speed tests from your modem.

When you have a chance, please follow these instructions:

1 - Open the Viasat browserthis test won’t work on other browsers;
2 - Go to this website: Viasat Speed Check
3 - Log in using your My Viasat account
4 - Run the test (wait for both tests - modem and device - to complete)

There is no need to send us the results. As long as you run the tests with the Viasat Browser and login with your My Viasat account in the Speed Check app, we’ll be able to see the results.

After complaining to tech support for the last few weeks, only one tech in Belize fixed it so that I got the download speed that I actually pay for for 4 days. Here it is another Saturday and the speeds are well below reasonable. Either Viasat has over sold their bandwidth, as other sat companies have, or they are throttling my download speeds. Someone needs to fix this and fix it fast!

  • Problem description: Slow download speeds
  • What were you doing?: None of the above

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I don’t use as Viasat browser, unknown entity, but I do the speed check from the Viasat Speed check logged in.

Hi, @cclendenny,

Could you provide more context to the issue?

I saw that there was a service call that you canceled. I suppose the internet was working well during the past week, but the speeds dropped only today, correct?

The only reason I asked you to run the speed test using the Viasat browser is so we can check the speeds from your modem, not only from your devices. That way we can see if you have any problem with the router.

But if you don’t want to download or use the Viasat browser, it’s ok. However, we’ll need you to run a speed test and send us a screenshot of the results.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for your cooperation

Anderson, I use the Viasat speed check site to test. I am logged in and have an account there. I am not downloading another browser that honestly, I don’t know anything about. Most of your techs are overseas, so trust is a major issue. Now again the speeds plummeted

Time: 10:07
ISP: ViaSat,Inc.


Speed From Your Device

DOWNLOAD## 36.07Mpbs

UPLOAD## 3.11Mbps

PING## 635.00ms

JITTER## 33.22ms

Wi-Fi MetricsNot available

Speed From Your Modem

Time: 10:07

Date: 10/1/2023

ISP: ViaSat,Inc.

Speed From Your Device









After logging into the test site and looking at my history. It seems that all history from last month has been wiped out. Not a nice thing to do by Viasat. But otherwise, everything was working normal after the tech call Monday, until Friday and then the bottom fell out again. 20-30 download speeds every day since. This is insane because it looks like Viasat is either oversold or is throttling. When a tech chooses to step up, it works fine. BTW a few of your overseas techs use convoluted stories to explain why the speed is bad, like I don’t have fiber optics and hardwired connections.

Hi, @cclendenny,

Not sure why that happened, sorry. I can assure you we did not intentionally erase your history. Maybe your history was stored locally in the browser, and it might have been erased after an update.

I just wanted to confirm if you’re still having bad speeds. I did some tests today and I’m seeing better speeds now:

One way of checking if you have Wi-Fi issues is by using a wired connection. If you consistently see good speeds on a wired connection, while you have bad speeds using Wi-Fi, that’s an indication of something wrong with the router. If that’s the case we can ship you a new one.