Slow speeds at 530pm cst for the last couple of weeks

For the past several days my internet has been running slow. It just renewed yesterday. I called customer service and they flat told me that there was a lot of traffic on the network. This angers me because it tells me that I am being downgraded and thereby my connection is being throttled. I want to know why? I am not past due on my bills and I dont even use all the data I pay for month to month. I need this for work, because I work from home and I have to maintain highspeed connections of at least 15 at all times. Everyday at around 530pm cst my internet speed drops. It is becoming aggravating and I am completely disgusted with Viasat at this point.

I took a quick look and noticed that you did not run out of priority data last month so you should not have experienced any type of throttling or downgrading. From your description, it sounds like the problem happened in the past but then at the end it sounds like it is still happening every day at 530 CST. Can you clarify? Is this a problem in the past that has gone away or one that happens every day in the evening hours?

Also, can you post a speed test result when the problem is happening? Ideally you would use because it provides more diagnostic information about the Viasat network to help us understand the causes of slowness.



It happens everyday around 530 and I will be more than happy to post the speed when it happens today…Right now I am experiencing excellent speed. Just checked and it was as good as it gets.

This is possibly unrelated to your speed issue but I did notice that you have Video Data Extender enabled.

This post explains Video Data Extender and helps you decide if you want to enable it or not – Should I enable Video Data Extender?.

Since you only used about half of your priority data last month, you may be fine to disable it.