Terribly slow speed

What a surprise. It’s the weekend (Fri, sat, /sun) and our download speed has dropped from 20-30 Mbps to under 5 Mbps. This happens almost every weekend. So either there’s an issue at the source or y’all just throttle us back EVERY WEEKEND. We have well over 280 GB of high speed data available. Not sure what good it does us to have all that data when every weekend it drops from the 20-30 range down to under 5.

BTW, I just got a message that we are now able to buy the equipment to start Starlink. Either y’all need to fix this continuing issue or I guess I just need go ahead and drop Viasat and start Starllnk.

Hi, @tnag78,

Thanks for the message.

Please provide more details on that issue:

  • Does the drop in speed happen during the evening or throughout the whole day?
  • Does that happen only on weekends? Did you notice when it started?

I did some checks now and the speeds look good.

However, in order to have a better understanding of the problem, please send us a speed test from your modem, as follows:

1 - Open the Viasat browserthis test won’t work on other browsers;
2 - Go to this website: Viasat Speed Check | Home
3 - Log in using your My Viasat account
4 - Run the test
5 - Download the results (or take a screenshot)
6 - Send me the results in a direct message

The goal of that test is to verify your modem/router. It has to be done with the Viasat browser, as mentioned above, because other browsers can not access your modem data.