Ongoing issues!

Been with Viasat for a month, called technical support several times. Judt did speed test and download speed is just 18.43 and with 0 upload. Been relying on my 5G on my phone to check work emails. Will be working from home in january, will this service ever improve?

Hi @den0770

I apologize for this bad experience you’re having with Viasat.

I checked your account and it seems your modem has been going offline frequently, practically every day and sometimes for hours, at least since December 06.

I’m requesting a tech visit for you and the Field Team will get in contact via phone to schedule this service call as soon as possible.

At least in this forum, you are acknowledging the issue of me not having the services that was intended for. I hope you will not only look at 1 day but also from the time the modem was connected this current day. The amount billed is not commensurate to the services provided.

And to add, at this time, there is no service again. Relying on my 5G from my phone to connect to the laptop in order work remotely today.

It is christmas and I have no internet service since last night. Sucks big time!!!

Hi @den0770

I’m sorry about this experience. It’s possible there was an issue with your installation, and unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do from our end as the modem isn’t able to stay online.

I’ve already requested a service call to fix it when we last spoke, and as soon as they have a date available, I’ll let you know (or they will call you first).

Can you try rebooting the modem in the meantime?

Tried rebooting and so far nobody called.
What is your policy when it comes to billing? Still bill for services not provided? Safety is compromised in my house since with no internet, my security system is not working especially the cameras.

Hello @den0770

I see that the Field Operations team got in contact with you to schedule the tech visit for January 3rd.

I’m keeping track of any updates to the service call, and after that’s finished, we can start the process to request a credit for the days you had no connection.

You did not send a request. I called this morning to request. And the earliest is next year.

Hi again @den0770 ,

I sent the service call request on December 24, 09:44 AM. The Field Operations team was offline that day, and also on Christmas, probably why no service order was created during this period.

The service call may be duplicated then because the order for yours has none of the information that I input for the request (your offline modem, installation errors, etc).

I will update the service order created by your telephone call with the same information. If the team gets in contact with you regarding the other request, you can inform them that this tech visit is for the same reasons.

Calls created by the Forum Team can usually be expedited; I’ll reach the team to see if we can do the same for this one.

I’ve updated both work orders with the same information, so whichever one gets an available technician to you sooner, they will know what’s up. :slight_smile:

Can I have the process of cancelling my service.
I got a call yesterday from the appointment scheduler that they are not sure they can go the house on Wednesday since they are overbooked. They will call on Tuesday to confirm rescheduling…
At this time, I have no service for the past 6 days.
You cannot deliver the services and my security system is compromised due to no service.

Hello again @den0770

From your account, I see that you’ve successfully asked for a Disconnect with Customer Care.

I understand your frustration and I’m sorry we were unable to provide you with a sooner service call.

But they are charging me $300 due to the remaining months left even with me explaining that you reviewed and acknowledge that we do not have services and tech coming in the property is not set as it may be cancelled and on top of that charging me additional $211 for the months service. So basically more than $500 for services that was not provided. I am not cancelling due to no reason. I have reasons. Plus you guys want me to go to the roof to take whatever chip you need me to give back. Seriously, the height of the roof is 20 ft tall and if I will not return you will charge me additional 150 and if I have a tech come in, you will charge me $95.00. Seriously!!!
The services your company provided was good for only 2 weeks or so then all it provided was interrupted services to no services and your company have the odacity to charge me full price of the remaining months. Such a company. You can say it is in the contract but the contract should be valid of you provided the services and i cancelled BUT there was no services provided for days and I have every right to cancel. Why will I pay for no services and even if it an urgent matter, it takes you days to schedule. And of course all is automatic debit, you will automatically charge. I cannot even access my account since you blocked my account information for billing.
Now, what will be your to this situation???

Hello @den0770

From the work order created by your phone call, I see that the agent wanted to contact you to reschedule the tech visit from January 3 to January 2, not to cancel it. They had a sooner date due to the request for expediting. I think, given all the circumstances and the difficulties with your cancellation (not to mention the early terminations fees), it’d be best to wait for the service call.

As I mentioned before, your account had install issues: either your antenna was not installed properly, or your modem is faulty (the 99% most likely scenario), and this is why you’ve been having so many issues. It’s not a lack of service, but rather a whole problem with the equipment that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. The service is there, but you’re not getting it due to this bad install.

I understand your frustration, but it seems to me that your service could finally be adequate if these issues were solved by the service call.

Your earliest was 1/3 and when they called, they said that they will call 1/2 since they were overbooked. I raised the issue of security in the house since my security system is not working with no internet.
But all matters aside, i had numerous calls within the first 30 days of not having connection and you admitted to that, that i have no service or poor installation. Seriously! And ai have to suffer due to the incompetence of whoever came to install.
You DID NOT provide the services intended so why will ai keep on paying for NO SERVICES.
This will be an ongoing thing of no services, have a tech come, same old crappy reasons.
And at the end of the day, you get paid while I am miserable having no services. Not worth my time and aggravation.
No point of going back and forth since you will not admit that your services sucks and all you want is bill “ due to contract”.
You will not get rich with the money you will bill me and your business will not have any integrity and respect especially how you deal with your customers. Such a shame!
You will gain more respect by acknowledging you did not provide the services and with me cancelling is understandable since your services did not meet expectations and waiving the penalty is something that can be done.

Hello again @den0770

I checked with the Billing team regarding your issue. I see that you also have at least 2 recent escalations to request that your Early Termination Fees be waived.

As the situation stands:

  • You initially contacted us here on December 24 early morning, and a short while later, we requested the service call. When you called to schedule another one, we asked that either visit be expedited, due to the downtime.
    I understand that suffering a bad install for a month and then having to wait another full week for the solution is not good, especially considering your home security situation, but unfortunately, this is the soonest available time that we could provide for you.

  • Keeping in mind that you have a badly configured installation, the technician visit would 100% fix the problem, because they know precisely what to look for. However, you refused the service call when the team asked to upschedule you from January 3 to January 2, and stated on the phone call of Case 09246275 that you “don’t wait to wait for repair and rather disconnect”. This is what’s known as “refusal of service” – which happens when we have identified your issues and provided a solution, but you don’t want to wait to go through with the solution offered (for whatever reason).

According to the cases of November 30 and December 02 and your replies here, you’re aware of the 24-month agreement.

I’m explaining these things a bit more in-depth for you because I too contacted the Billing team and asked if your case falls under any situations for waiving Early Termination Fees, and this is all the research I’ve piled up with their reply.

Lastly, your days without connection due to the bad installation would have been refunded after the service call. This is a common procedure for cases like yours.

Why will i agree for another tech to come where in fact it is clear uou CANNOT provide the services!!! You acknowledge and why will I suffer another 22 months of poor services and suffer just because a tech did not properly install the system???
You are only doing this since we are in the forum and everyone may be able to see my feedback.
Enough of this. I can work for the money i wasted on your company!!!
You are complete waste of my time!!!

Stop communicating with me now since the account has been cancelled due go NO SERVICE!!!
I am just waiting for the box and for me to go up the 20 ft roof. Or else you will charge me again!!!
This should be the last correspondence since you do not get it at all!!! Having another tech will not solve the issue at all!!!