Ongoing issues!

Almost one month, still waiting for the box that you were supposed to send for me to return all your equipment.
Are you going to send it or you will wait 30 days and bill me another how many hundreds for not returning whatever equipment you want me to return. Make money again …. A scheme? Intentionally not sending the box to return the items?

Hi @den0770

You asked for the disconnect on December 28, the exact same date as the start of your billing cycle – so your account will only be disconnected on January 28, the end of your last billing cycle.

The box is only sent after your account is fully disconnected.

Please give this article a read whenever possible:
Viasat Help – Returning leased equipment, fees and instructions

If you still need additional information regarding the box, please call Customer Care at 855-463-9333.

You are full of it. Either way, you already charged for a non existing service.
Can wait to return your faulty equipment that you provide. May your business get richer with the 22 remaining months payment. It is just a business. Reputation of a business exists.