Continued VERY slow speeds

Speeds have been exceptionally slow the past three weeks during all times. I have reported this in the past and expect little improvement from Viasat; just checking so see if there may be a new year miracle with the service.

Hi @sctaylor11

I apologize for this experience you’ve been having with Viasat.

I saw your last device speed result from yesterday evening and it looks good:

Your plan is set to a max of 25 Mbps, so a fluctuation to 21.63 Mbps on the device (which doesn’t always get 100% of the speeds if you’re far from the modem) is very close to that.

I can see that your last 3 SpeedCheck tests didn’t record the modem speed for us, this is due to a new bug we’ve found related to iOS devices. Do you recall the result that the modem speeds showed for you?

We’ve made a network configuration in your account that will take effect in about an hour from now.

Could you run a few more tests this afternoon? The speeds should be back to normal.

Recent speed tests all hovered around 4.5 to 6.0.

Hi @sctaylor11

Is that a device speed test from Ookla or similar? I can’t see any new tests on your SpeedCheck results after this test from December 29. :frowning: