No service connection

For public knowledge, @pat.lisle 's issue is being worked on:

Hi @koonceken9

The Field team is trying to contact you via phone and email to schedule this service call with you, please let us know if you’re not receiving their notifications. fine will be at home all day

Hi @koonceken9

Could you call the Field Operations team at 866-813-1511 to confirm with them an appointment? They unfortunately need you to reply before they can send the technician. If you cannot reach that number, please check your inbox for their email (sent yesterday).

Called the 866 number several times, no response.

Hi @pat.lisle

This message was meant for @koonceken9 , your tech visit is already scheduled.
No need to call the field team.

Please use the thread we created to track your issue instead: No Service for Past 6 hours

No ive not gotten a call from anyone or a visit

Didnt i have a tech scheduled for the 10th

Hi @koonceken9

The Field Team hasn’t scheduled anything as they couldn’t reach you.
Did you receive any emails regarding a tech visit on February 10?

Unfortunately, it seems the visit may be canceled as they have been trying to reach you via email or phone number since Feb 5.

Could you confirm for us an email address and a phone number to reach you?

Thank you!

[admin’s notes: post redacted to hide private data]

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Thanks for the info @koonceken9 , it seems your old phone number on file no longer exists.

I’ve passed this updated number + email to the Field Team.

Whenever you have time, please ask Customer Care at 855-463-9333 to update your contact on the system with this other phone number. :slight_smile:

Thank you,


Hi again @koonceken9

I see that your visit was completed successfully with a modem swap :tada:

How has your connection been since then?

No visit or modem swap. Had emergency surgery & will have to reschedule.
Pat Lisle

Hi @pat.lisle

My apologies, I mistook your service call for another that was scheduled for the same day.

No problem, we can request another one when you’ve recovered! Stay safe :slight_smile:

By the way, @pat.lisle

The original message was intended for @koonceken9 , whose service call got completed yesterday with a modem swap.

Hi again @koonceken9

It looks like your setup no longer has any issues after the service call, so I’ll be marking this topic as Solved.

Your modem speeds look good on our side:

If you need any additional assistance, let us know! :wink:

For public knowledge, closing this topic as the poster’s original issue has been solved.

If you have a similar issue, please start a new topic instead.