No Service for Past 6 hours

Topic created to keep track of @pat.lisle 's issue.

From another topic –

Hi @pat.lisle

I see that you managed to request a tech visit for this issue on February 8, and it’s already scheduled for February 15.

We’ll keep track of your visit and check back with you after that’s done.

Hi @pat.lisle

As I mentioned before, your tech visit is already scheduled for February 15.
If there is any need to reschedule, the Field Team will contact you :slight_smile:

Please cancel any service appointment for me at this time. If WiFi continues to be down, will contact you then.

Hi @pat.lisle

Your modem and cabling look faulty (hence the connection drops), so it’s in our best interest to keep the service call.

If you need to reschedule the service call for another day, please contact Customer Care for Residential Customers at 855-463-9333. They can also confirm that your service needs a tech visit due to these issues.

Ok, let’s keep appointment for 2/15.

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