Issue with data usage

Hi @jesiekatt62 !

Your Data Saver feature has been turned on since yesterday (see above reply).

Were you able to adjust the video quality settings on Amazon Prime Video?

If your laptop is not suffering the same buffering issues as your new TV, that is good news.

We initially assumed it was the modem’s Wi-Fi signal at fault, but it could be the other way around.

You mentioned the new TV is a Google Philips TV, correct? I’ve researched a bit and it seems those sometimes have bad Wi-Fi/buffering. If you know the specific model (usually a bunch of letters and numbers), we can research further.

Even if the TV is right by the modem, if the TV’s Wi-Fi doesn’t work properly, then you can have all the issues you’ve mentioned.

I know these tests are tiresome, but could you please connect the TV directly to the modem via cable, and then try to stream on any platform again?

Thank you in advance,