Crazy data usage

Starting a new month of service after have the grandfathered plan we were on be removed (uncharged usage from 11pm to 4 am) and I already hate it. I was on Amazon and another shopping site for 30-40 minutes and viasat stated that was 4 GBs. I was using the viasat browser that it suppose to less, this is crazy. Can’t wait for starlink or fiber to make to my location going to dump Viasat so fast. I can’t do anything anymore, this post probably eat a GB.

Hi @user21, 4 GBs in 30-40 mins browsing sounds like a lot of data, we can take a look and see if there is any issue. I couldn’t find your email address listed on the forum within our system. I will send you a private message so that you can send us your account number so we can take a look.



Followed-up on customer over private message, in case they didn’t see the last message we sent.