Data Usage Troubleshooting

Creating a new topic to keep better track of this post:

Hi @davidturek352,

I made you a new topic so we can better keep track of your case and help you individually. If you give us consent to look at your detailed usage we can take a look and verify if anything abnormal is going on with your data.


Yes! Please do look into this problem! And thank you for responding back . This was the first time I had to buy more data plus I called about the $95 you had charged me last month by mistake after I had paid the tech. You refunded it back but now the app and when I call it’s still shows I am over due to pay the $95 still please fix this the tech said ir showed $0 balance but that’s not what the app or when I call in said

do you mean the Video Data Extender? If so, we are now running a Data Saver Feature Experiment which starts out set the same as Video Data Extender but then we are able to tweak if users notice that it causes buffering. So far users are having a good experience with it. Let us know if you are interested.