Issue with data usage

Hi @jesiekatt62 , apologies.
These instructions should help you: How to Change Streaming Quality on Amazon Prime on TV and Other Devices?

I’ve reactivated your Data Saver with 4.5 Mbps (as you saw buffering on the 2.6 Mbps speeds) – however, this will not affect Amazon Prime Video, so please try to set up the quality on the TV according to the instructions above.

The speeds you’ve gotten on the modem test match the ones we see from our side as well. If the TV is right by the modem but does not get those speeds, then there is most likely a Wi-Fi issue.

As our conversation originally started from an issue with Data Usage, we recommended Data Saver.

Higher speeds will use up your data quickly, but if even without Data Saver you are still experiencing buffering, then we will change the investigation towards this Wi-Fi issue.

This may be why your modem was set to be replaced, so I’m contacting the Field Ops team to better understand this situation.

The link above leads to the Viasat Browser download, rest assured that it is completely safe.

By Microsoft Verified, do you mean that Microsoft Edge is refusing to load it? If you could access the link from another browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, it should load normally.