Won’t with with VPN

The second I connect to my work’s VPN when working from home my Wi-Fi goes to “No Internet” and won’t work. I disconnect the VPN and it magically works again. I work from home 2 days a week and is the entire reason we have to have Wi-Fi. For the amount I’m paying monthly to have this continuous issue is unacceptable. I’ve already called and had an agent trouble shoot the modem.

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Hi @TBWelt123 thank you for posting to the forum! We are currently looking into your issue and will get back to you with an update soon.

Hi @TBWelt123 I have a couple of questions for you to get a little bit more information:

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Hello- our IT said we use “Any Connect with Cisco” for our VPN

As for the speed test I have a picture of it but it’s from my phone. it told me to run a modem test I needed to download the Viasat browser even though I was in the Viasat Browser App. I cannot download the Viasat browser on my work computer.

I also had just spoke to customer service for over an hour today and they troubleshot our modem, ran tests and said he “cleaned out the trash in the modem” even though we’ve only had it 3 weeks. While that helped a little bit, we can’t sit and watch a 20 minute show without it circling constantly trying to load.

Thank you for your help.

Is this on a Windows machine? I use Cisco’s AnyConnect and have no problem over my Viasat connection - though it is much slower than without VPN. Can you take a look at your VPN statistics when it is in this “No Internet” state?

Hi @TBWelt123,

We ran a diagnosis of your account and identified a slight antenna mispoint, we can go ahead and schedule a technician visit to repoint your antenna. However, this mispoint is not the reason for your experience with Cisco VPN.

We can continue to work the VPN issue separately. Even though Cisco VPN speeds over Viasat are known to be much slower than without a VPN, you should not be getting “no internet” when using it. So hopefully we can continue to troubleshoot and find a solution.

Should I go ahead and request the technician visit?



I have the exact same issues. Very frustrating.

@WeaveSL to be clear, you are using Cisco AnyConnect VPN? And, when you are connected, it says “No Internet” similar to what @TBWelt123 is experiencing?

As a reminder, @TBWelt123 can you check your VPN statistics to see whether traffic is flowing through the VPN or not when its in this “No Internet” state? Mine (I’m on a mac) looks like this:

By the way, @TBWelt123 to get to these Cisco VPN statistics on Windows you need to click on the gear icon on the bottom left corner (see below):


Then you will be able to see the statistics:

When I work from home tomorrow I will check my VPN stats, although I’ve never seen the bottom part before. I usually only have the log in box. I know my access is very limited as it is a work provided laptop. Thanks!

Sounds good, thanks @TBWelt123.

I got viasat over a year ago and was told that it would work fine with my vpn. That was not true. Satellites do not work with vpn’s. there is some type of security set that will not let it work. I had the same issue. I tried to cancel my service and they wanted me to pay off of the 2 year contract first. So, needless to say, i am now paying for 3 services and still do not get any type of speed. and none of them are consistent. I am always getting kicked out in the middle of conference calls.

@crynard54 it does seem like you might have some speed issues in general and we are working those in the other forum thread. About VPN, yes geostationary satellite has compatibility issues (see VPN over Satellite - Project Faster for a description) mainly because the VPN causes our embedded TCP optimization to get bypassed. We are working with VPN vendors to improve things but have no good progress to report yet.

For conference calls, many enterprises configure the Zoom traffic to bypass the VPN tunnel. Is that something your IT department might consider doing? Some further info on this can be found here: Configuration Only Optimization - Project Faster.