Very frustrated with slow speeds

I have over 30 GB of priority data left and am not able to efficiently work from home. I can’t video conference, I can receive email in a timely manner. It is extremely frustrating that I can’t get done what I need to because of my internet provider. Especially with what we’re paying!

Are you able to quantify the problem with a speedtest? Or, are the speeds fine but the applications just seem too slow? Can you clarify that? In any case, we will take a look today and let you know what we see.

Thanks for posting.

Hi @Datzenhoffer ,

We did take a look at your network and our tests results were these:


I understand that this is very different from the experience you are having, which is what we’ll work to solve now. For us to have a complete picture, could you run an advanced test using That way you can post here a picture showing your modem speeds along with the speeds you are getting, and that should help us with the investigation.

You can find detailed instructions on how to run this test by going to this article: How to run a speed test from my modem?


Hi @Datzenhoffer I saw this response you sent in the Direct Thread:

Could you please try using as Leo pointed out in the message above? ^


Here you go!

For the complete test you need to use the Viasat Browser. Could you kindly install it and run the test there?


When you use the Viasat Browser to run Speed Check you will also be able to get some Wi-Fi metrics, which could help unveil part of the problem.

This computer is our home computer. The computer that was having issues this morning was my work computer. I’m not able to download the browser without admin permission on that one. It also has to be connected to vpn, is that what is causing the issue?

Ok so I will try to summarize:

  1. No speed problem from the home computer.
  2. from the work computer, you see both very slow download speeds and miserably bad upload speeds when VPN is enabled.

For #2, can you try running a speedtest when the VPN is disconnected and see what kind of speeds you get? Best is to run a speedtest from work and home computer one after another and sitting close by each other so Wifi range issues are avoided.

Does that make sense to you?