VPN Issues - very slow speeds

Is there any options when working on a VPN to work faster? When I’m not connected to the VPN, i get over 100 mbps download. As soon as I connect to the VPN, it goes down to 1-3 mbps download. I was told that this woild work wotj my VPN before purchashing. EXTREMELy FRUSTRATING as I work from home 100%.

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Hi, @cd384011,

What is the VPN you’re using? Are you experiencing slow speeds for all kinds of apps (web, streaming, video call etc)?

There are some options you can try at first to see if the speeds improve:

  1. Choose a server closer to your physical location: The distance between your location and the VPN server can affect your connection speed.
  2. Select a server with a lower user load: VPN servers can become crowded, especially popular ones. If a server has a high number of users connected to it, it may impact your connection speed.
  3. Use a wired connection: it can provide a more stable connection.

I am using Cisco AnyConnect. It is slow all around. I do not have a choice when it comes to servers, the company has one standard one that they use across the organization.

Hi, @cd384011,

Sorry for the slow response, we’re still checking what we can do to improve that.

In the meantime, since you said that your company has control over the VPN settings, perhaps you could check with your company’s IT support team if they can double-check all configs, and help troubleshoot the issue.

If you are using a computer from your company, there can also be some software playing some role in that bad speed issue.

Hi, @cd384011,

Did you have a chance to talk to the IT support team of your company?