We lose the internet (wifi router) EVERY time it rains

Lately, EVERY time it rains, we lose the internet: the wifi blinks white and it goes in and out. I received an email from you guys a while ago saying you were making improvements to the system and ever since then we’ve lost internet during EVERY rainstorm and the internet is slower than ever. What is happening??

Hi @marymoylan,

Thanks for your post, we are starting to look into your issue.

I will post in this thread once I have an update.

Hi @marymoylan,

I see that your antenna’s signal quality fluctuates aggressively during weather events. But our tools don’t indicate an antenna mispoint. It could possibly be that you are located in a place that is very windy? I see that you are right by a river.

What does your antenna install look like? Is it mounted on a pole on your yard or on your roof or on a wall? That information might help us figure out a way to help you.



Hi, thanks for the quick response. The satellite dish is attached to a wall on our deck that rises about 30ft above the river. We had rain for the last two days but it was not windy at all. The dish is an old Exede one; could that be an issue?


Just an FYI: it went out an hour or so again briefly and today is very calm with no wind.

Hi @marymoylan,

We’re very sorry for the delay in getting back to you! Thanks for the information about the antenna mount, we’re going to investigate possible causes for the issue and we’ll get back to you as soon as we have more to share.


Hi, @marymoylan,

We will send you a technician for checking your antenna. The field team will get in contact with you to give more details.

Hi, @marymoylan,

As I said before, we are sending you technicians to check the problem.

We know some customers do prefer the do it yourself approach, so, just in case you want to try to improve the internet without having to wait for the technician, here are some instructions on how to do a push/pull test:

  • The idea of the push/pull test is to check if your antenna’s signal quality changes when you apply pressure to change the pointing direction.
  • You will need to push/pull your antenna in these 3 directions: RIGHT, LEFT, and UP - just as it is explained in this video VS1 - Point and Peak step 5 - Push/Pull Test » Viasat eGuide
  • You probably noticed the beeping tones in that video, the antenna will make those only when a technician puts the system in “Pointing and Peaking” mode, which does not apply to your case.
  • In your case, you can observe the changes in the signal quality by accessing your Viasat Modem’s user interface via a browser on any laptop. You can reach it by entering in the URL address bar, like this:
  • In the modem’s user interface, under the “General” section you will see this “FL (RX) SNR” metric that will have a number value in dBs next to it. In the example below, the value is 5.1 dB. This is the value that you should observe and take note of.

So in summary, you would need to:

  • Access the modem user interface
  • Take note of the FL (RX) SNR value before doing anything
  • Push/Pull the antenna to the RIGHT and take note of the FL (RX) SNR value when the pressure is applied
  • Push/Pull the antenna to the LEFT and take note of the FL (RX) SNR value when the pressure is applied
  • Push/Pull the antenna to UP and take note of the FL (RX) SNR value when the pressure is applied

If you decide to try that test let us know. Otherwise, you can just wait for the field team to get in contact.

Hi, @marymoylan,

I see that the visit was carried out.

How is the service so far?

Please let us know if you find any other technical issues.