No service again!

Here we go again…Once again I have a blinking white light and no Internet…no amount of disconnecting, resetting,airplane mode on/off,etc does anything. I don’t want to bother calling so that I can improve somebody else’s English.

Hi @lufkin56

Sorry about this. I see that your setup has been influenced by a bad weather event on April 12th with a big signal quality drop, so it’s very likely your antenna became mispointed.

I’m requesting a service call to check your equipment ASAP.

We did not have a very bad weather event…just average.
I have the MITe App and with it confirmed that the modem is not connecting to Tria is not connecting. I just got off the roof from performing 75 ohm termination tests and confirmed that the cox cable is ok between the modem and the Tria coax connector. Nothing has moved or been touched around the antenna.
This is the exact same issue I experienced over a month ago. I had no internet connection for several days then a few days before the Technician arrived it “magically” started working again. Once the Tech did arrive he said there was nothing wrong with the modem but he found some moisture inside the Tria horn, so he replaced the unit. To repeat: it was “magically” working before the Tech arrived and after he left.
I am having a very difficult time believing this is not something on your/satellite end.
As I said, even with the small amount of Tria moisture it was working.
Now I’ve got the continual white blinking light and no service.
I am having to send these messages on my cellphone (which barely has 1 bar…)this is why I have Viasat.
I understand intermittent problems requiring a power cycle reboot but this is not that.
This is particularly galling asI just paid my bill.
Viasat would provide a lot better service if all of their employees including top management lost internet until the customer problems were fixed.
If you were really sorry, there would be faster response times. How many days am I expected to wait while I’m paying for nothing.
There is no delay in taking my money for “promised” services.

I am extremely angry. I lost my connection the day after my normally scheduled automatic payment was made. If I log in to my account a red flag says “payment past due”. However if I scroll lower it says payment received. I confirmed this on my credit card.
I have a hard time believing that my service was not possibly cut off due to glitch in your system which red flags my account as past due.
I cannot get anyone who speaks English adequately to confirm this for me.
They just keep repeating that my Tech Visit(IN ALMOST A WEEK!!!) will take care of this.
Can somebody please check and clear my past due flag?

Hi @lufkin56

I just replied to your Billing query on No Internet after Automatic Payment - #2 by Nathalia.

When you have time please double-check this information with the Customer Care team at 855-463-9333.

I see that your service call is scheduled for April 19th afternoon, so hopefully this will solve the equipment issue. :slight_smile:

Hi @lufkin56

I’m checking back with you as yesterday was the date of your tech appointment.

I noticed on the tech’s notes that you asked them not to go, as you wish to disconnect the service, although I couldn’t find any disconnect requests on your account. :confused:

Do you still want to proceed with cancellation? Or would you like us to request another service call?

Please let us know what you’d prefer, and sorry for all this trouble.