Viasat trying to charge for equipment tha

Viasat is trying to charge for equipment that was returned. I have prove of delivery of 10 lbs for modem, power cord and Tria delivered and received to/by Viasat TX.
Viasat stalls saying it takes 3-5 business days to look into this matter.

  1. if I only sent modem and power cord the package would have been 1-2 lbs but it was 10 lbs bc the TRIA is very heavy.
  2. I was NEVER notified of them trying to charge me for a TRIA, neither by email, call or letter.
  3. Viasat tries to fraudulently charge my payment method without my permission of a to me UNKNOWN charge.

How many ppl have been hit with such fraudulent charges? How many kept their delivery receipt and printed out the online tracking info like me? There is something very wrong with this picture.

Hi @yazmyers, we are sorry about this experience. We are taking a look at your account and hope to have an update by tomorrow, we’ll need to check with a few different teams. Thanks for your patience.

As I am waiting for Viasat to reverse their erroneous charge for a TRIA they definitely received, I am sending off my Dispute documentation to my bank in the meanwhile, because I have no clue as to when VIASAT will respond and rectify this very wrong charge.

For your information the old Tria weighs 7 lbs on its own, the modem with power cord and box make up the other two lbs. Which equal 10 lbs of equipment sent and returned to Viasat.

Hi @yazmyers sorry for the slow verification. I’m still waiting to hear back from the team that received the returned equipment. I hope to have a reply by the end of the day.

I understand your reasoning about the weight of the equipment, I made sure to pass along that observation to the team that is doing the verification.

Thanks again for your patience.

Solution sent to customer via direct message.

Update on my refund issue. Viasat Sat claims to have issued a refund, but Citi Bank has not received a credit for Viasats charge to date.
In response to my complaint on BBB, Viasat stated to sent them all my statements, Citi bank says that is ridiculous bc Citi bank immediately issues me a notice once a refund comes in. Citi bank is watching for the refund to post and this dispute will not close until it us received. I am considering small claims court if this matter isn’t resolve very soon.

Hi @yazmyers,

I am going to check on the status of your refund and get back to you with an update soon!

Thank you,

Thank you for your help in getting this clarified.:slight_smile:

Hi @yazmyers,

It seems that my team is not able to see the status of the refund, only that it was issued. If you already talked to your bank and are still not seeing the refund, please send a copy of your 30-day rolling bank statements (with personal information blacked out) and the last 4 numbers of your payment method to Once you send that information, it will be forwarded to the finance team at Viasat and they will be able to look at the status of the refund.


I will do that. It’s just silly as my bank stated, they never reject a transaction or a refund, so really the proof of having transmitted a refund is on Viasat’s end.
If a refund had been issued and transmitted, I would have electronically been notified by my bank. Just as I was notified of Viasat’s charging me $157.07 for equipment I returned. I am really disappointed in Viasat‘s handling of a simple refund, and now relieved that I no longer have to deal with their services. This should have been an easy fix, not a long drawn out problem. Anyway, thanks for trying.

Upon further telecon with The BBB, I was advised that my request to Viasat to provide prove of their refund transmission is a valid one. So I will now initiate a BBB dispute resolution process instead of sending my docs that really only show no refund was received, until Viasat shows the BBB proof that they indeed initiated a refund electronically, so provide their transaction statement including the pertinent transaction confirmation #.

Hi @yazmyers, it does sound like a frustrating experience, we are very sorry about this and want to help you find a solution.

In your request to, could you please mention the BBB recommendation you described in the last post?

Our Forum team handles technical issues, so working refund issues is beyond our skillset, however we do want to help and make sure that you find a remedy to this problem, so could you please include us in that email? You can copy (CC) our Forum email address which is:, that way we will keep track of the issue too.

Thanks for your patience and hope we can find a solution soon.