Equipment return

I terminated my service in October of 2022 when I received Starlink service. I returned all required equipment as soon as I received the Viasat box. In January I had a charge for $161 dollars on my credit card account. I chatted with a Viasat agent immediately after seeing the charge. She first told me I did not return the transceiver in the box. Then later she said I did return the transceiver but not the modem. She asked if I had a tracking number. I said no but apparently I didn’t need one since she had just said they had received the box. She said that she would escalate the problem to her higher ups. After terminating the chat with her, I disputed the charge with my credit card company. I had not heard anything else until today when I received a letter from Viasat’s collection agency. LOL You would think a company you had paid several thousand dollars or several years would treat you a little better. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

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Hi @redusb we are sorry about this experience. We are taking a look and hope to have an update by tomorrow, we will follow-up on the escalation.

Thanks. I appreciate the consideration.

Hi @redusb I was able to follow up on the escalation, and it seems like there is a pending credit ($150 + tax adjustment). So the $161.59 “past due” amount that was being charged for the modem should be zeroed on the next billing date (2/20). Once again we are sorry about this experience!

Thank you for the help. Much appreciated. I guess I will ignore the letter from the collection arm.
Thanks again

How about I follow-up on your case on 2/20 to see that everything went as planned?

Thanks. That would be great and much appreciated.

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Hi @redusb I just checked and your amount due and pending charges are now at $0.

With this you should be all set :slight_smile:

Thank you. Sure do appreciate it.

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