Charged for unreturned equipment that I KNOW I returned

I’ve been dealing with this for 2 months now.

I sent EVERYTHING back in the box that was provided after needing to cancel my service because of a move. 2 months later I’m charged $267.50 for unreturned equipment and all they can say is that they just can’t find the receiver. Like, what am I supposed to do? I have tracking info, I have the weight of the box, I have 100% certainty that I didn’t leave out any of the items. Why am I responsible for Viasat losing my equipment?

Hi @beark34 we are sorry about this experience. We are taking a look and hope to have an update by tomorrow, we’ll need to check with a few different teams.

I’ve chatted probably a dozen times and talked by phone with a supervisor, who promised I would receive a refund within 7-10 days (3 weeks ago). So far nothing and now I’m being told that it’s been resolved and that my equipment isn’t there. I’ve got proof via tracking info that Viasat receive a 10 pound box 4 months ago. A modem doesn’t weigh 10 pounds.

Thanks for the extra info. I will make sure to take a look at the full history of interactions and will reach out if any questions arise. Hope to have something that leads to a solution by tomorrow.

I’ll send you a Direct Message with a summary of the solution, thanks.

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