Return of Equipment

In October I terminated services with Viasat. I was mailed an equipment return package by Viasat. I returned the modem, transceiver, and power cord per the directions on the package. I mailed back the box and it was marked delivered to Viasat November 8th 2022. I still have the tracking number along with additional information of the box weight when delivered of 10lbs. November 26th 2022 I call Viasat support because I am still getting emails that the equipment was not returned. A customer service agent informed me that the box was received, but was missing the transceiver and this was why I was still getting emails. I was informed I would owe $278 if it was not returned. I informed the customer service agent that I had returned everything according to instructions. I was told they would open an escalation case. December 2nd 2022 I call back to follow up. The agent tells me all equipment was found and my account balance would be cleared. In January I am still getting emails about unreturned equipment. I call back January 20th and am told an escalation case was never opened and that the transceiver was never located. They open an escalation case and I request all my payment methods be removed during the investigation. I have called back weekly since and have still gotten no update and the investigation is still ongoing. However, Viasat closed my complaint case with the BBB stating that the investigation had been closed and no additional equipment was found. That’s not the same information I am getting when I contact Viasat directly and feels like a way out of having to deal with the complaint on the BBB. It has been 4 months of poor communication and mismatched information. I am needing support on this and a resolution. If the equipment is still missing I would like Viasat to account for how the package could possibly have weighed 10lbs with only a modem inside. They must be able to see that my dish stopped receiving information without the transceiver. My only other thought on how this could be such an issue is that the owners of my house before me also had Viasat and when we moved in it was essentially all the same equipment, but we did have a Viasat set up person switch it over. Perhaps there is confusion on the returned items barcodes and it rang up to the past owners when returned?

Hi @caitlinvw we are sorry about this experience. We are taking a look and hope to have an update by tomorrow, we will follow-up on the escalation.

Caitlin did this get resolved yet? Because your story is identical to mine. They’ve stolen $267.50 from me and are making things so difficult.

Hi @beark34, we solved this one over Direct Messages. I already sent out a few emails to gather all the info on your case and should have an update by this afternoon. Thanks for your patience.

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