Returning equipment

I canceled my viasat back in March I was told to send back the equipment so once the box got here i packed it up put the sticker that was provided and paid almost $20 to have it sent back I also have a bank statement and receipt showing i shipped the package and a tracking number showing it was delivered but now that it is June im getting emails saying $250 will be taken out of my account for not returning the equipment.

Hi @Shaynamonroe58,

Our Forum team only works technical issues so could you please call our customer support line at 855-463-9333. If you explain your situation they should be able to open a ticket to verify if we received the equipment.

I took a quick look at your account and see that there is a record of the modem being returned but not the tria (the device attached to the antenna). Maybe you didn’t return that one?



Thank you i will do that, also yes that was also in the box when i mailed it.

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