Viasat Technician Damaged my Electrical Wire

A Viasat Technician installed my internet in December 2023. The Technician drilled a hole in my wall to feed the cable modem. While doing so, he cut into my electrical wire within the wall. I have yet to be reimbursed for hiring a licensed Electrician to repair the damage. What is funny, the technician is fully aware that he damaged my electrical wire which caused two bedroom ceiling lights and 13 wall outlets not to work.
He said he will make it right and he will reimburse me and to send him the electrician bill. I did send him the bill and I have not heard back. I have called repeatedly to customer service and they all share the same script, that they will forward my issue to the corporate office in California and will someone will contact in 3 to 5 business days. My bill was $334.00 to repair the electriacal wire.

Hello @marco.a.arcos

I apologize for this experience you’ve had with Viasat.

Regarding the installation:

Here on the Forum, we focus on solving technical issues, so unfortunately we can’t help with billing or account-related problems. Whenever you have time, please call Customer Care for Residential Customers at 855-463-9333.

However, I have found some issues with your setup dating back to January 15. It looks as though your antenna has been mispointed since that day, and your modem has suffered a bit from it, causing offline events from January 22 onwards. This is most likely caused by the recent bad weather.

We normally ask users to attempt a self-repoint, but the mispoint (combined with the weather) could have damaged your equipment, so I’ll request a new technician visit to correct your internet setup.

Thank you for your response.

What date and time will the technician come out to correct the internet setup?

Anytime after 2 pm will be fine.
Also, please DO NOT send the same technician that damaged my electrical wire.
His name is Juan, unknown last name.


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Hi @marco.a.arcos

The Field Team will call you to schedule the visit at your best time :slight_smile:

I’ll let them know your request for it to be a different technician, but you can also let them know when you receive the call!

Hi @marco.a.arcos

I see that your tech visit was completed successfully earlier today, with a repoint of the antenna and a modem replacement.

How is your connection now?

Connection is working.

However, my other issue is that I have the highest monthly plan, yet I still exceeded the data limit last month.
I had to purchase more data just to keep working at home and watch movies without the repeated buffering.

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Hi @marco.a.arcos

Thanks for the feedback!

I can run a report for your usage last month and see which app(s) caused the data limit to be exceeded, if you’d like.

Please run a report for last month to pinpoint the issue.

Hi @marco.a.arcos,

I ran the report and it looks like most of your data is being used for video streaming, you should consider joining this experimental Data Saver feature trial: Announcing the Data Saver Feature Experiment!

It also looks like you bought extra data on January 27 when your usage was only at 370 out of the 500 GBs that you get each month. What prompted you to buy this extra data?



The reason I obtained extra data, because I received this alert.
Then, my streaming movies kept buffering all evening. Very annoying!

“Viasat Usage Alert: You have used 100% of your High-Speed Data. Your data usage will reset on 01-28-2024. To manage usage go to Reply STOP to stop receiving messages or HELP”

Hi @marco.a.arcos,

Since we have verified that you hadn’t consumed all of your previous high-speed data, we’ve credited your account with the same value as the data you purchased. This should be indicated on your next billing cycle.

If you should receive the same alert on your MyViasat page regarding 100% high-speed data usage, please send us a screenshot of it via direct message.

Thank you,