Viasat Modem is Bad. $495 for a Replacement from Viasat

My Viasat modem is bad. I went through the diagnostics over the phone with a technician . She told me the modem was bad and they would send someone out to verify. I asked for them to just send a replacement modem and she began to upgrade my service. I told her no, I just wanted a new modem. She said it would be $495.

I pay a monthly rental fee for their equipment, and have the Easy Care plan that I also pay additional for. When I explained this, she put me on hold. Then came back and said it would be $95. I made it clear I didn’t want a service visit, just a modem. She said they could do that for $95. When I asked how long it would be for them to send me a modem, she said they had openings for Jan. 2 and Jan. 4. How can I get Viasat to send me a modem like other providers ? And why would I pay $95 for one when I already pay a monthly equipment rental ? And I have the Easy Care plan that is also an additional cost.

I may just cancel Viasat and go with Hughesnet. We’re rural and not served by everyone. Anyone have recent Hughesnet experience?

I had Hughesnet for several years and it just got slower and slower. There customer service is terrible. About a year ago I got Viasat and I get speeds that I never got with Hughesnet. Anytime I contacted Viasat i got prompt service.

Hi @christy461

I apologize for this experience you’re having with Viasat.

About the information you were given by the agent: all modems need to be installed by a technician because, after a new install, there’s also a need for an antenna repointing. That’s why we can’t send the modem by itself, unfortunately.

I’m double-checking your account information and you do have EasyCare, so I’m not sure why the agent mentioned the $95 fee – this is the incorrect part.

I can see that your modem has been totally offline since December 24, so I’m requesting a service call to be expedited to your address.

By the way, there was a massive drop in signal quality on the morning of December 22, and this was the start of your modem’s first offline events.

Do you recall any weather events that may have pushed your satellite dish out of alignment?
Or was any change made to the modem’s location, cabling, etc.?

Hi, thank you for your response. There were no unusual weather events. The modem had been getting very hot to the touch at times even though it has plenty of air flow around it .

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Hello again @christy461

I see that your tech visit was completed on December 28 with your equipment replaced.

The technician also repointed your antenna so the connectivity should be much better now!

I don’t see any new offline events after the modem was swapped. :tada:

How is the connection so far?

Thank you for checking in. The technician was amazing. The connections is great and there have been no issues. Thank you!

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