Just blinking white, no connection

(I’m not sure how to link my viasat account to this, please let me know if you need more info)

This weekend the modem stopped connecting (blue) and just flashes white. Even after unplugging. I’m not able to be at the property and troubleshoot at the same time (no phone signal there, wifi only connection).

Please reset/fix on your end and I can update thank you!

Hello @fcm,

I’ve sent you a private DM to request more info. :wink:

Hi again @fcm,

Thank you for the info. We’ve managed to find your account on the system.

In general, this pulsing white light you’ve seen on the modem is an indication that the modem is unable to connect to the satellite network, or the device is undergoing the connection procedure with ViaSat servers – which should only last a minute.

As you cannot troubleshoot while at the property, I’ll send you a list of some things we can try:

Firstly, the problem may be happening due to a lack of power. It may sound unlikely to happen, but please make sure the modem is plugged into the power outlet and also that the power cable is tightly fastened to the port on the back of the device. If that doesn’t solve the problem, check the power grid of the room.

Secondly, make sure the coaxial cables inside and outside are in perfect condition, with no repairs.

Lastly, check also the coaxial wall outlet, the port from which the coaxial cable that comes from the satellite enters the room – it may happen that the cable or the wall outlet suffers damage due to rodents, insects, drywall peeling, etc.

Also – You’ve unplugged the modem before as well, but have you tried a hard reset?

You can check the backside of your modem to locate a small pinhole on it. You have to use a small pin to press the button inside this pinhole and then hold it for a few seconds. If done correctly, your model should start rebooting and change the color of its lights, until all of the lights become stable again.

Please let us know if any of these troubleshooting steps help you out!

I will try this. Now the light is a solid white. Does that make a difference?

Hi @fcm , sorry for the slow reply.

The blinking white light is usually an indication that your modem is powering up – which doesn’t seem to be the case, as our tools indicate that it’s never come back online since you reported this issue.

I’ll be escalating this issue to the team that deals directly with Modem bugs. If you do manage to get the service back up with the troubleshooting steps, let me know!

Hello again @fcm ,

I’ve put in a request for a technician visit. The Field Operations team will call you later to schedule it at your best time.

I have not received a call, is there a number I could contact?

Hi, @fcm,

I can see in the field team system that the visit is scheduled for Dec/4. Is that correct? Let me know if you still did not have any call from them.


Yes! I got a call thank you for all your help. It made this a painless process


Got it, thanks for the feedback.

Hello @fcm ,

I see that the tech visit was completed successfully on December 08, and the technician replaced your old modem.

How has your connection been since then?