Tech Never Showed

Sorry for the length of this, but I gotta rant!
I have had Viasat a couple of months now. When the tech installed it, he put the dish on what I did not know at the time was my neighbor’s property.
I contacted Viasat by phone and they sent the same tech that installed it, and he said that he couldn’t move the dish because there was no clear sight line from my property, took pictures to show that there was no other place for the dish and told me that he would submit them and my account would be cancelled. He also told me to look into Starlink.
Well needless to say, I was billed again so I called Viasat and told them all of the above and that I wanted my account cancelled and they wouldn’t do it until a tech came out. So an appointment was made for today between 2 and 5 PM and the tech never showed.
My neighbor wants the dish off his property and I told him it would be removed today, and of course i got screwed. Now I tried to call Viasat again to make another appointment and may calls will not go through on either of the 2 numbers I have.
I want my account cancelled since the service that i ordered cannot be provided on my property. If I have to, I’ll pull the pole out of the ground myself, But as long as I am being charged, I will not remove it!

Hi @tomdgimp,

Sorry about this experience. Unfortunately our Forum team can only help with technical issues, so it would be best if you tried once again to call support at 855-463-9333.

I did take a quick look at your account and see that someone called yesterday and cancelled your service call. I see that it was officially marked cancelled at 1:45pm CST.



Well I sure didn’t cancel the appointment!
I wouldn’t have sat here like an idiot waiting for someone that wasn’t coming.
Since I live alone, who could have cancelled it? The only people that knew about the appointment were myself, Viasat, and the company/person that was supposed to make the service call!
Viasat may need to look into their security protocols if it is possible for just anyone to call and change accounts or appointments!

Hi, @tomdgimp,

I’ll send some details about the call over a direct message.