Need to cancel my account

I am extremely upset with my service and Viasat as a whole. the installer that came to my home cut wires to other services i had without permission.

Now i have had service with Viasat for a week. somehow all my alloted data has been used and my speeds and connectivity is beyond terrible.

I need someone to come get your equipment, fix the cables they cut and cancel my service.


Is anyone going to respond to me? Viasat’s customer service is terrible!


Hello @sooner3232 ,

I’d like to apologize for the delay in getting back to you. Here in the forum we deal with technical issues, and I could assist you with investigating your data usage and the speeds you’re getting, but for a service call and equipment cancellation, I’ve forwarded your information to the appropriate people and they should contact you presently.

While that’s happening, would you like to have our assistance with your internet issues? I’m sure we can improve your experience with the Viasat service!

Thanks in advance for your understanding.


I appreciate your willingness to help. But at this point i am done with Viasat. I was lied to by the sales person. the internet speed is pathetic at best. The signal strength at the dish is always red and my speed is horrible.

Hi, @sooner3232,

We are sorry for the bad experience.

We arranged for someone from customer care to call you, so we can find a solution or compensation for the problems regarding that ATT cable and the overall service quality.

That’s not great. The service should be functional from day 1.

We can solve the issue, but we’re going to need your cooperation to do some tests.

As you are out of priority data, we can start by giving you more data, so we can better track the bad speeds problem for now.

I am checking your equipment and service area to find out what could be wrong.

We usually ask the customers to run speed tests from their modem so we can rule out Wi-Fi issues (see instructions here: How to run a speed test from my modem? - Slow Speeds - Viasat Support Forum).

Could you try running some tests and then sending us the results?

From our side, we do see good speeds and could not reproduce the bad results you showed before.

But please don’t get me wrong: I do not say that to invalidate what you are saying, I’m just indicating that an inconsistency was found and we need to investigate it. That’s the reason why we asked for the speed test from the modem.


After we solve the speed problem, we will move on to check the data usage.


Hi, @sooner3232,

I added 20GB to your account.

You’ll receive an email about it, but we also added the credits to your bill, so those data will be free of charge.


Just an update: customer care called you and left a VM.

Let me know if it was not possible for you to contact them. I can ask them to use email if you prefer.

Also, when you have some time, please run the speed tests and send us the results.

I noticed there was bad weather during the week, but that is not enough to explain the bad speeds you experienced


I have never received a call.

Also i cannot do a speed check from the modem. when I go to the speed check page it says no modem connected. I am working off a direct cable to the modem

Hi @sooner3232,

We will look into why you have not gotten a call yet and get back to you with an update on that. For the speed check, it’s okay if you do not have the speeds from your modem. Please send us the speeds from your device instead.


Hi, @sooner3232,

Maybe they are using the wrong number to call you. I’ll ask you in a private message for the best contact number

Hi @sooner3232,

I see in our system that a technician visit for your case was completed on July 20. So I just wanted to check in and see if the experience has improved?

Thank you,


No it hasn’t. The speed is still really slow. And they didn’t fix the ATT cable that the first technician cut. I have ATT coming Friday to fix the cable and hook up their service. I want the Viasat equipment picked up and service cancelled Friday. I will also be sending the bill for the ATT repair to Viasat. I’ve already spoken to my attorney and if Viasat does not cancel my contract and pay the repair bill to ATT we will be filing a breach of contract suit. And damage to personal property.

Hi @sooner3232,

Unfortunately, we cannot process service disconnect requests over our forum, so you will need to disconnect over a call.

I requested our customer support team to have someone call you. Once again, we are very sorry about this experience.

Thanks for your patience.

I called and cancelled my service months ago. and now you are still taking money out of my account. Your internet service is terrible, your customer service is the worst I have ever seen. How many times do i have to call to cancel this damn service and get my money back? All of it. You know from the comments that I have had nothing but problems since you installed it. Cancel it now, refund my money, or I will be filling a lawsuit!!!

Hi @sooner3232,

I can’t see the record of your disconnect request being made official over a phone call. The last information I can see is that our customer support team tried to reach you at a phone number ending in 4755 on August 1, but they couldn’t get ahold of you then and left a voicemail.

I can ask them to call you again - could you please provide a few times that work for you to get the call? Alternatively, you can contact our call center at 855-463-9333

Unfortunately, all disconnects need to be processed over the phone.

Sorry about this experience and thanks for your patience,


I called 3 different times to have it cancelled. Once while the tech was there trying to fix the service and couldn’t. The service is terrible and the customer service is worse. I want my money back. Your equipment off my house or I will be going to the local news and filing a law suit. I am done playing games with Viasat!

Hi @sooner3232,

I understand you are frustrated but unfortunately I can’t see a call where the service disconnect was made official.

Our forum team works technical issues, so the best we can do to help in your situation is offer to have someone from our customer support team give you a call at a time you prefer. They will help you order the service disconnect and will provide a date for this disconnect to become effective.

Sorry again about the experience you’ve had.


I canceled my service shortly after getting it. Viasat provides internet service. The service did not work in the rural area I live in. I called viasat multiple times trying to get the issue resolved but nothing seemed to help. Service was purchased for doing simple things like checking emails or watching Netflix. I didn’t even have service for a month when i canceled. They are still trying to c harge me even though bill was paid in full and all equipment returned. I have tried multiple times to resolve this with viasat and it looks like it still isn’t resolve.
They are rude when you call and they refuse to let you speak to a supervisor.
To begin with they tried charging me more than the amount they say I owe now stating I didn’t return equipment. And they did this months after equipment was returned. Thank God I did keep the tracking number and was able to prove that i did send it back. The bill was paid up to date when service was canceled due to service not working. I didn’t even have service for 30 days when it was canceled due to service not working. I explained this to viasat multiple times and now they have turned my account into a collection agency which makes my credit score drop. Who do I need to reach out to to get this handled

You send me the email I sent you. Is this resolved?