Summertime and the modem is bouncing

Modem has gone into heated mode with primary symptom being 1) screens freeze and 1 to 3 minutes later Windows realizes modem has locked up/out 2) Top light is on solid middle and bottom lights are out, no flicker, no light from them.

Until the above mentioned 1 to 3 minutes my assumption is that I’ve run through the data cap and am being throttled back to 9.6kb dialup days as a reminder. Today, 7/26/03, and yesterday, 7/25/03, the modem has done this 4 or 5 times. Please advise what your logs are showing that my give information leading to resolving this well beyond annoying issue.

Also there was a new modem involved with the forced plan change. I may be mistaken on this and basically all I require is a modem that works without gremlins bouncing for the sheer gremlin type of joy whatever the heck that may be. As to the deprioritizing it is too early in billing cycle for me to have blown through 60gb of data. It is a fairly logical thought the throttling is a side issue from modem failing.

Hi @LostLk2Hi,

Sorry about the slow reply.

What color is the LED light on your modem?

Could you please use your browser and enter in the URL bar? This will let you access your modem’s user interface. There you will be able to see the temperature of your modem. If you could take a screenshot of it and share it with us that would be great.