Speeds under 1.5 Mbps

I know this is a waste of my time but I’m about ready to live without internet service because of the speed issue I run into every weekend and now every evening. The last time I reported this I was told it was a weekend “congestion” issue and there was nothing that could be done at the current time. But your “engineers are looking in to how to fix the issue.”

Now not only do I get speeds under 2 Mbps on the weekends, I know get speeds under 1.5 Mbps every evening from 5 PM to about 10 PM. Being honest I don’t give a flip about your congestion problems. Those are Viasat problems. Don’t sell high spped data plans to people if you can’t provide high speed data. That’s fraud and theft. All that means is you have too many users on too few satellites. I pay for 300 GB of high speed data every month. Why in the world am I only able to get that from 10 PM to the next afternoon and rarely on weekends. If you don’t resolve this issue ASAP my next call isn’t to Viasat it’s to the FCC and will include all your BS responses about “congestion”.

Fix my damn problem NOW! I’m sick of this after 2 years of Viasat BS. Your company is as dishonest a business as there has ever been short of Madoff & Enron.


Hi @tnag78 ,

We are very sorry for your situation. We’ve recently made some network changes that might improve your network speeds during congested times. Please note these changes take up to 1h to be applied. Let me know if you notice any improvements.


Not sure what y'all did but my speeds are in excess of 25 Mbps. Far, far better than the last week or so. Please don't let this be a one time thing. This is what we're paying for. Thanks

  • Problem description: Slow speeds in both directions
  • What were you doing?: Browsing the internet (banking, shopping, etc)

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Hi @tnag78 ,

Thanks for letting us know! If you face any issues with your speeds again or any other problem, please don’t hesitate to reach out and we’ll be more than happy to help.


I don’t know what y’all did yesterday to get our speeds up to 25-30 Mbps, but it only worked for 1 day. we’re back to slow 3 Mbps or so at the modem and under that for the device tonight. You “solved” the problem for a day. In my book that isn’t solving the problem. It’s still the congestion issue. Too many users on too few satellites. Either get rid of new users or get more satellites up. Either option will cost Viasat money, but Viasat has been “stealing” money from users for years by not providing the service we pay for so Viasat should have plenty of money to fix the problem.

Like I said the last time, fix this or I will call the FCC every day until they force you to do what you should have been doing all along - provide the service that users/customers are paying for.


Hi, @tnag78,

I’m investigating that now. Once I find out more I’ll let you know.


Hi again @tnag78

Sorry for the slow reply.

We’ve been investigating your case and would like to check back with you to see if you’ve noticed any difference lately.

From my end, your Modem speeds seem a tad better:

The team has been looking at alternatives (besides the network change we previously did), but your internet setup doesn’t have any inherent issues. We can see both good and bad speed results in your tests, which can be explained by the time of the day they were run.