Speeds keep getting slower

My speeds have went from 15 to 25 down to between 1 and 3…i still have plenty of high speed data remaining.

Hi @Mulder3142

Sorry for the slow reply. It looks as though your antenna has been mispointed since December 30.

Do you have any tree branches or other things that could be blocking the antenna’s line of sight?

Mispoints can significantly decrease your signal quality, resulting in bad speeds.

You can check how to do a self-repoint with this guide: Can I repoint my Viasat antenna on my own?

But if this is not possible, we can schedule a tech visit to repoint the antenna for you.

It had moved once before and a technician came out and adjusted it. So yes please schedule a technician.

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Hi @Mulder3142

I’m requesting a tech visit for you, and the Field Team will call you at a later date to schedule the visit at your best time.

On an unrelated note, I was taking a deeper look at your account, and see that you’ve had the add-on “Viasat Stream” on your account since November 21st, but I don’t see any indication of your Stream HUB ever being plugged in.

Did you receive this hub? It should like look a small storage device.

Yes I did receive…just nothing on Disney I’m interested in watching at the moment.

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Understood @Mulder3142, thanks for the confirmation. :slight_smile:

Hi @Mulder3142

I see that your tech visit was completed successfully a while ago.

How is your connection now? :slight_smile:

Your modem speeds on our end look much better:

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Hi again @Mulder3142

I thought you should also know that any HULU content watched through the Disney+ app (if you happen to have the Disney/HULU bundle) also counts as data-free when you have the StreamON hub :slight_smile:

It looks like your setup no longer has any issues after the service call, so I’ll be marking this topic as Solved.

If you need any additional assistance, let us know. :slight_smile: