Speed is horrendous

My down load has not been good for weeks but I have tolerated it due to the weather. Now it is pitiful… below 5 at times, usually 12, gets up to 30, and once (ONCE!) hit 60 for 5 seconds
I am paying $125 a month for this?
Fix it please

Hi @sandygap46,

I’m really sorry to hear about this bad experience you’ve had with the Viasat Service.

I’ll be taking a look at your case and I’ll reach out with some feedback soon.

Thank you,

Hi @sandygap46,

Upon checking your account I found out that you have a mispointed antenna,
this should be the reason for your bad speeds.

I will contact the field service to dispatch a truck roll.

They will get in contact with you to provide more details.

I’ll send you a private message so you can confirm your best contact number.


Hi @sandygap46,

I sent you a DM last week following up on your tech visit.

Once you take a look at my message could you give me some feedback here on the public post so we can keep assisting you?

Thank you,

I sent you a detailed DM and received this in reply… in lieu of any solution. First go to my download tests. As you can see, in spite of the nice tech’s visit, and adjustment to my dish, his fix lasted fewer than 24 hours. My download speed is still dropping below 5 regularly and above 40, or even 35, for only brief periods. It does not appear to matter what time of day or night I get on and test. I have a very small house and your claim that you measured over 60 at the modem while I get 6 in the next roo is unrealistic/not believable .This is just terrible and not worth $125 a month. Oh: the Streamer arrived but is of no use as I cannot watch Disney anyway at these download speeds.

Hi @sandygap46 ,

I understand your frustration, I’ll keep analyzing your case in order to
find the reason for your bad experience.

To help me troubleshoot your case can you please run a few speed tests on our app?
You can follow this tutorial: How to run a speed test from my modem?

Please make sure to:

1 - Use the Viasat browser
2 - Be logged in to your My Viasat account

You can run a few tests during the next days, if possible in different moments of the day.
This will help me understand the experience you’ve been having on your side.

Please let me know once you’ve done that.

Thank you,

Been through this before.
Your browser is incompatible.
Cannot install it or the tools shown on the regular Viasat speed test site.
I have run many many speed tests on the site… can’t you see them?

Hi @sandygap46,

What do you mean about the browser being incompatible? What device/OS are you trying to use?

Also, I can’t see your results, this probably means you were not logged in when you ran them. You can log in with your MyViasat account and then go to the “Results History” page and your results should be sent to our server once you do that.

The issue is that if you never used the Viasat Browser to run those tests before it means that every test you have only has the speeds from your device. Using the Viasat Browser you are able to run a speed test from your modem which would help me find out if you indeed never receive the speeds I saw on my side or if your modem is receiving them but your device isn’t.

I’ll be waiting for the feedback on my questions.

Thank you,

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