Slow connection speeds

My connection seems to be slower than usual we have had some pretty bad wind storms up here. I am wondering if my dish is slightly out of alignment

Hi @ramarshall2017 ,

Your antenna appears to be properly aligned, and I’ve conducted a speed test on your modem, which indicates excellent speeds!

Are you noticing slower connections at specific times of the day? If possible, please run a speed test with from your device and send a screenshot, this will allow us to compare speeds between your device and your modem.


Now it only appears to be Disney plus. I also ran a speed test this morning and it’s running great. But Disney keeps cutting out. I’m gonna try uninstalling it and going from there. Thank you

Hi @ramarshall2017 ,

That’s great news!

I noticed you have Viasat Stream, is your hub currently connected? That should help with Disney + buffering.

Best regards,

Hi @ramarshall2017

Were you able to stream Disney+ after the reinstall? :slight_smile:

Yes it started working bettter thank you

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