Speed loss and poor service since day one

So yall upgraded me to the 50mbps plan and its not working as should. I have tried calling customer service and they tell me its because i have used all of my high speed data. Well even without that if im paying for 50 then i should expect to get more than 0.5 correct? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Also it slows down feom like 6pm - 1am ish.

Hi @JordanN.Buck,

I’m sorry to hear about your bad experience with the Viasat service.

Indeed, being out of priority data will reflect on your speeds, but when you don’t have high-speed data you’ll be deprioritized, you won’t receive a specific speed value. That’s why it’s difficult to tell if those speeds are normal or not in your case.

I added an extra 30GB to your account (completely free of charge) for me to troubleshoot your connection with high-speed data so we can better understand if the speeds reflect that or if there’s another reason for your bad experience.

We’ll keep you updated through this post.

Thank you,

Okay. Well let me know what you find

Hi @JordanN.Buck,

Unfortunately, it looks like your service area is affected by network congestion beyond the peak busy period (evening hours), this explains why even with priority data your speeds might not always be able to reach the maximum offered by your plan. We will continue to investigate a few options to relieve you from this issue.

However, your current speeds (now that @avnerjose added some extra data to your account) look way better than when you were out of data this morning. Here are the results I just got:

I noticed that you used up all your priority data (100 GB) within the first 6 days of your billing cycle, and your usage is currently at 515 GB when you still have another week to go until the billing cycle starts over. This is concerning, so would you mind if we take a look at your data usage to try to identify if there is anything abnormal to remedy and also to give recommendations accordingly?



Sure. I had noticed that as well and im not sure why its so high. But essentially what your saying is there is too many people in my area that have viasat? Also if you need to dm me feel free.

Hi, @JordanN.Buck,

I sent you the details about your usage.

You’ll see that most of it is due to bulk downloads in some devices and real-time entertainment (streaming).

About the bulk downloads, we recommend that you check if those devices are scheduling any background downloads that you are not aware of.

As for the real-time entertainment, we recommend that you sign up to activate the Data Saver feature. The goal of the DS is to decrease the data usage from streaming apps.

You can learn more about it here: Announcing the Data Saver Feature Experiment!

If you want to activate the Data Saver, you just have to do the following:
1 - Fill up this form: https://forms.gle/pdgvMoFk4iRkBGei8
2 - Let us know that you completed the form.