Terrible internet speeds

Ive had a tech out 2x and both times we saw absolutely no improvement. 2nd time phone tech said satellite not pointed the right direction. Service tech on site made a slight adjustment but said theres really nothing that could be done but continue to call back to viasat. Im not going to keep calling and committing my time to a lost cause especially having to take time off from work to be home for this and waiting days to get an appointment. Asked tech for honest answer if my speeds are being slowed down by viasat to control usage… he said it is possible depending on my data plan. This would make sense since it worked for the first few weeks with no major issues. I tried to download an excel spreadsheet a few days ago and it literally timed out. Im paying 131 a month for a super grainy netflix. Cant even telework, use microsft teams or download anything I need to do for work. There seem to be a lot of rants about poor service here. My service seemed ok for the first 3 weeks and then just aweful. Viasat seems to just want to kick this along so Im starting to believe that the service promised is just not deliverable. I think Im done with this. Ive disconnected the modem at this point. Also by the way, the modem sparks when I connect or disconnect power. No one seems to want to look at that issue. 2nd tech said probably not grounded correctly. I think I will be calling to have the service removed from my home. This is beyond ridiculous and frustrating

Hi, @redds1970,

I’m sorry for the bad experience. We can investigate the issue with your connection, but you will need to connect your modem again.

However, if you decide to cancel the service, you’ll need to call the customer care line at 855-463-9333.

The modem sparks seem a problem. When did it start to happen?

About the speeds, I see that you have the Unleashed plan. In this plan, if the data usage is trending to exceed 850 GB in any 30 days, you would have reduced priority during times of network congestion, resulting in slower speeds.