Slower speed in last 2 weeks

Hi @Gio,

Sorry about the slow reply. I looked at your account and everything seems healthy, but we can continue to troubleshoot to make sure we can improve your experience. It sounds like you are experiencing 2 separate issues:

  • Bad Zoom (video skips and is blurry)
  • Reaching data limit too fast

Some questions:

  • Bad Zoom: The speeds you shared with us are very good. Would you say that the issue is a delay (latency) in the audio/video in Zoom calls?
  • Reaching data limit too fast: Is it ok if we take a look at your usage data? That way we can identify issues and provide a recommendation to optimize.

Finally, could you please run a full diagnosis using and sharing the results with us? This will help us rule out speed/Wi-Fi issues. Here are some instructions to run the full diagnosis: How to run a speed test from my modem?

Thank you,