Slower speed in last 3 weeks

I work from home. My speeds have gotten slower & slower. They are affecting my ability to perform my job. Phone calls through our internet service are terrible. I had to turn down a promotion because of how slow my speeds have become. I either can’t get in to necessary websites or I get kicked out over & over. Today I couldn’t even upload a single document. I am afraid I’m going to loose my job. There is something going on beside the data limits. This has become a major problem in the last 3 weeks. It has never been like this in all of the months before. And you can forget streaming any shows on TV. They constantly buffer. I ran your test. Here are the results.

Hi, @Anitapoucher,

Thanks for your message.

From the screenshot, we see that the speed from the modem is good, but the speed in your device is not. That has been the case for the past 3 weeks? Or sometimes the speeds from the modem are bad too?

Did you notice bad speeds on other devices too?

I’ll check your equipment/service area status to find out more details.


Actually, I just noticed the bad upload speed on both. That might be an antenna mispoint, I will get back once I confirm that.


I confirmed that you have an antenna mispoint. I will contact the field service to dispatch a truck roll.

They will get in contact with you to provide more details.

I’ll send you a private message so you can confirm your best contact number.


Hi @Anitapoucher ,

From what I can see in our system, the tech visit was completed. Could you kindly inform us how is your network now? Do you still have any issues?