Slow speeds no streaming

Slow speeds all the sudden was working good now I can’t stream or do much on the internet

Hi, @playworldman80,

Thanks for your message. I’ll check that, and when I have feedback I let you know.

Hello, again, @playworldman80,

Your antenna is mispointed, that’s why your internet is not good.

I’m requesting a technician visit to fix it as soon as possible.

I’ll send you a private message to confirm your contact details.


My number is (***) ******* (edited by moderators)

Got it, @playworldman80, thanks.

Still same problem it works fine in the day time now but at night it’s slow I run diagnostics on it at night says dish is not pointing in right direction but in day time it doesn’t say that hmmm I need a tech to come out and fix it I believe haven’t heard nothing in a few days are they coming out or not

Hi, @playworldman80,

The field team tried to contact you yesterday without success, and they’ll probably try to call you again today.

Didn’t you receive any calls/vm?

Not that I know of they can come out anytime my wife will be home they don’t need to call me

Ok, I’ll check with the field team about it.

Hi, @playworldman80,

I saw that the visit was completed on 19 Oct.

Please let us know if you have any other issues.