Very Slow internet service

Our internet has been very slow since we started with Viasat. It has gotten extremely slow now and it was supposed to be better than what we had and it’s definitely not. Not sure what else to try.

Hi, @Cindy.tartt,

Your antenna is mispointed, that’s the reason for the bad speeds. Apparently, this issue started to happen on 14 July and got worse since then.

I’m scheduling a visit for fixing that. The field team will call you to give you more details.

I’ll send you a private message to confirm your contact details.

We have no Internet at all today.

Hi, @Cindy.tartt,

I saw that your tech visit was completed yesterday.

If you find any other issues please let us know.

Hello we are having trouble again. Service is either very slow or not at all. I think we’re going to have to find something else.

Hi, @Cindy.tartt,

I’m checking that now. As soon as I have more details I let you know.

Hi, @Cindy.tartt,

Just a quick question: After the last tech visit, did you notice any improvements? Did the technician manage to repoint your antenna?

Hi again, @Cindy.tartt,

We’ll dispatch again a technician to realign your antenna. For some reason, it’s the same problem as before.

The field team will get in contact to give more details. I asked them to thoroughly inspect your equipment/installation to make sure everything works fine.

Hi, @Cindy.tartt,

I see that the service was completed on 8 September.

Please let us know if you find any other issues.