Slow speeds HELP

Just got 50/100 installed yesterday and is extremely slow. Will barely load streaming apps and internet on my phone is very slow as well. I have read posts and ran more than enough speed tests to confirm downloads around 3mps and I just got this and want to see if you guys can check it out on your end as I have seen on posts. I can’t seem to figure out how to save these tests and send them. Hoping something is wrong with install, configuration or equipment that can be corrected. Haven’t even used 2 of 100 and nothing but slow…
Help a newby out please

Hi @Mast,

Sorry about this experience, I’ll take a look at your account and hope to have an update soon.



Thanks for your response and for anything you can do to help.

Something is horribly wrong as my download speed is 1.3Mbps

Hi @Mast ,

A few changes were made to your service area network in order to improve it. Could you kindly run a few tests throughout the day and inform us if you noticed any improvements?