Slow speed. Streaming is disappointing

I read the forum dialogue. Does not give me hope. No need for me to elaborate on my slow download issues.! I can relate to everything posted . Good luck everyone. Maybe Starlink is better?

Hi @baddogs1979 ,

I’m really sorry for the bad experience you’ve had with the Viasat service and also for the slow reply.

Upon running a speed test from your modem I see good results:

I know this doesn’t represent your experience once you mentioned bad speeds, so I would like your help for me to actually understand the speeds you are seeing on your side.

For that, you can run a speed test from your modem following this tutorial: How to run a speed test from my modem?

For it to work properly you need to:
1 - Use the Viasat Browser
2 - Log in to your MyViasat account

Thank you,

I actually got a fast response from the help desk. He spent over 2 hours on the phone with me trying to resolve the issues. Nice guy, seemed very knowledgeable. Bottom line, he was seeing the “over 150 mbps” on his end and I am seeing anywhere from 10- 45 on my end. No matter what we did, from unplugging everything to directly connecting to my computer to wiping my password clean (the after effects of that are not good when one has smart devices). So I’ve got a tech coming out in a few days to take a look.
Thanks for your response and thanks so far for the help desk assistance. I hope I can get the 150mbps in my home, which is what I’m paying for.


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Hi @baddogs1979 ,

I’m glad to hear you have a tech visit on your way, hope they are able to fix everything for you!

If you need further assistance from us here in the forum please feel free to answer to this topic at any moment.

Thank you,

For public knowledge, the poster’s issue was resolved by the technician’s visit and replacing the defective modem.

Hi again @baddogs1979

It looks like your setup no longer has any issues after the service call, so I’ll be marking this topic as Solved.

If you need any additional assistance, let us know!

Closing this topic as the poster’s original issue has been solved.

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