Speed less than Half

I am on the 100Mbps/300GB plan and according to the speed test through the Viasat browser, my modem speed is a blazing slow 42.48Mbps - less than half the speed I’m paying for! What do I do???

Hi, @tomdgimp,

Thanks for the message. I’m investigating that now.

Once I have some feedback I’ll let you know.

Hi, @tomdgimp,

It might be related to the StreamOn service. Would you mind if we temporarily disable it to test if things get better?

If you agree with that, we can go ahead with that test on Monday.


The test I ran and the numbers I gave were before I had installed the streaming box, so I seriously doubt it is the reason for my slow speeds.
However, if you want to disable it to run a test, that is fine with me - just let me know WHEN you disable it AND when you turn it back on!
Last night (early this morning) I ran the speed test again with TV off and nothing but my laptop on and at around 4:10am, my speeds were pretty good. According to the test (using the Viasat browser) my result were: 73.58 from my device, and 146.19 from the modem!
I will have to run the test again during a busier time, but it does seem as though my speed has been a slight bit better.